10 Amazing Health Benefits of Comfrey For Skin, Hair

The health benefits of comfrey.

1. Comfrey is a medicinal herb which is used for creating natural organic fertilizers but is also used to make herbal medicine.

2. The leaves are usually processed to produce comfrey oil. This is known in folk medicine as “knit bone” or “boneset” as It is widely used to help bones to heal.

3. Comfrey oil is mostly applied topically to the skin. A vast amount of natural phytochemicals are absorbed which are said to promote fast healing of the bones, after an injury.

4. The roots and leaves of the plant are also used to create comfrey ointments, creams and salves. These can be applied to painful areas and are used to heal bruises and burns.

5. Research also suggests that applying this to the skin may help to reduce muscle spasms and painful inflammation in the joints.

6. Many people who suffer from arthritis, in particular gout, use comfrey on a regular basis as it reduces pain caused by uric acid in the joints.

7. Comfrey should not be taken internally as it is not healthy to ingest. Topical applications to external parts of the body are the main use of this medicine.

8. You can apply comfrey oil or ointment to closed wounds to promote faster healing of the skin cells. The natural properties are hydrating and rejuvenating for the skin.

9. The ancient Greeks and Romans mashed the leaves of this plant to make a poultice to reduce the pain and heal injuries from battle.