10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Mullein

The health benefits and uses of Mullein Leaf.  

1. Mullein leaf has been used a natural medicine since ancient times. This grows as a flowering weed in many parts of the world. The leaves, flowers and roots are used to treat different health problems.  

2. The leaves are often brewed into a herbal tea, which is taken internally or applied topically to certain areas of the body for pain relief.  

3. One of the most popular uses for this herb is to treat respiratory issues. It has the ability to detox the lungs from tar, mucus and phlegm.  

4. Many people who suffer from lung issues such as asthma or bronchitis use this herbal tea as it is said to improve airflow and make it easier to breathe.  

5. Mullein tea is also used to treat dry coughs, sore throats and tonsillitis, as it contains powerful antioxidants which have an anti-inflammatory effect on the throat.  

6. In America, dried mullein leaves have been smoked using a pipe In order to enjoy the health benefits. We recommend inhaling the steam of the tea for a more effective method.  

7. An oil made from Mullein is also excellent for destroying both internal and external infections. This works especially well for those suffering from a vaginal yeast infection, but also can be used to treat skin infections.  

8. It can be applied to haemorrhoids to help ease the pain and shrink them, by simply gently dabbing mullein oil to the affected area.  

9. Drinking the tea on a regular basis can prevent infections from any types of bacteria, as the leaves have some powerful antibacterial properties.  

10. Mullein Flower Oil is often used to treat earaches and ear infections in both children and adults.  

11. Alternatively, to reap the benefits, the leaves can simply be chewed and then simply spat out when the juice has been extracted. This is helpful in improving oral health.  

12. A tincture can be made by packing mullein leaves into a jar and covering with strong alcohol such as vodka. Ensure the leaves are covered entirely and keep in a dark place for 8 weeks, shaking occasionally. All of the benefits of these leaves are absorbed by the alcohol, and it can then be strained to remove the leaves.  

13. Take a few drops of this tincture under the tongue for a few minutes before swallowing. This is a faster method than brewing a tea and works very quickly.  

14. Alternatively, soak the leaves in olive oil for 3 weeks. This can be applied to the ears to treat ear infections.  

15. You can also take a large leaf which has been boiled in water and lay this over painful areas on the body. It lowers inflammation effectively for those suffering from joint pain.