10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Tamarind Leaves

The health benefits and uses of tamarind leaves.

1. The Tamarindus indica is a tree which grows in South Asia. Tamarind fruit pods are often harvested, however, the leaves were also used in ancient medicine.

2. The leaves can be harvested directly from the tree in the spring months, and mashed into a paste. This is used to flavour stews and curries.

3. The leaves can also be directly added to soups, as they contain Vitamin A which helps to reduce coughs, treat fever and recover from childbirth.

4. Tamarind leaves and flowers can be mashed and placed on swollen joints, sprains, haemorrhoids, ulcerated skin and boils. This helps to bring down inflammation, promote healing and ease the pain.

5. The leaves can be dried and used in the winter months, or purchased in a powder form online. This powder can be added to water to create tamarind leaf extract.

6. They have a very sour flavour, so you may wish to add some natural sweetener such as honey to improve the flavour.

7. The tannins within the leaves help to boost the immune system and increase fat burning processes within the body.

8. Drinking tamarind leaf tea can help those suffering from asthma. It is recommended to add lemongrass to this for a better taste.

9. The antibacterial properties of these leaves are used to reduce the spread of bacteria caused by mosquitos and malaria.

10. You may boil the leaves with the fruits to make a natural medicine to treat menstrual cramps. The acidity and analgesic properties reduce pain and inflammation.