10 Benefits Of Using Hibiscus Leaves For Hair Growth

The benefits of using hibiscus for the hair and scalp

1. If your hair is beginning to thin out, you can use hibiscus leaves to prevent further hair loss.

2. The nutrients and vitamins contained within these leaves promote stronger hair follicles.

3. This can also serve to prevent premature greying of the hair at a young age.

4. Hibiscus is a beautiful plant, made up of calyces, flowers and leaves. For hair treatment, you must use all parts of this plant for the best effects.

5. Regular use will relieve the scalp of dandruff, and clearing out dirt which may be blocking the hair follicles in the scalp

6. You can make a hibiscus tea, by using hibiscus oil or extract. This can be used to condition your hair for 10 minutes on a daily basis.

7. You should also drink hibiscus tea to allow the body to thoroughly absorb all its nutritious benefits.

8. Calcium and vitamin c in hibiscus will make your hair stronger and less likely to split and break.

9. For a super conditioner, mix coconut oil, olive oil, aloe vera extract and hibiscus tea. Use this on your hair regularly for wonderful hair treatment.

10. Hibiscus has many other health benefits.