10 Best Food High in Zinc

A list of healthy foods rich in Zinc

Nowadays over 2 billion people on the planet are deficient in zinc. This is an important trace mineral needed regularly by the body in small amounts. The body cannot store zinc for very long so it is important to get it from your foods often. Over time zinc deficiencies can lead to a great range of health problems such as loss of taste and smell, skin problems, major depression, eye disorders ulcers in the stomach and mouth, inflammation, prostate issues and low testosterone. The cells of the body need zinc in trace amounts as it used by over 2000 enzymes which perform different functions related to DNA.

In this article, we will share with you a list of the best foods rich in zinc. Eating these often will help your body to use other nutrients, build and repair tissues and maintain a healthy immune system.

1. Alaskan Crab: Studies show that not having zinc can stunt growth in babies, children and teenagers. Shellfish such as crabs are excellent sources of zinc for minors and pregnant women. We recommend always cooking your shellfish to kill any bacteria that may be present. 100g contains 65% of the daily value for zinc.

2. Beef: We highly recommend eating grass-fed beef if you feel low often or suffer from depression. 100g contains 44% of the recommended daily value of zinc. This zinc binds to proteins to make neurotransmitters in the brain such as dopamine, which creates feelings of peace and happiness.

3. Flaxseeds: Flaxseeds also contain small amounts of zinc along with other minerals which can improve the health of the skin. Eating these can help to treat dry cracked skin, acne and ulcers. Grind these just before eating to help the body process the omega 3 they contain.

4. Apple Cider Vinegar: Many people have a condition called low stomach acid, which often leaves you feeling bloated, with heartburn or acid reflux. If you have this, then your body is unable to absorb zinc and other nutrients properly. Drink 2 teaspoons of ACV in a glass of water before meals to strengthen the stomach and absorb more minerals.

5. Oysters: These delicious shellfish are packed full of the trace mineral zinc. 6 medium-sized oysters supply the body with 145% of the recommended daily value of zinc.

6. Pumpkin Seeds: 100g of pumpkin seeds provides 8mg of zinc which is roughly 90% of the daily intake needed. In men, the prostate gland has the highest concentration of zinc. Zinc is needed to prevent prostate enlargement and making testosterone.

7. Watermelon Seeds: 1 cup of watermelon seeds contains 100% the daily value of zinc. You can bake these into delicious recipes to get more seeds into your diet. We recommend baking these into crackers along with pumpkin seeds and almonds.

8. Cheddar rich in Zinc: Cheese from grass-fed cows also contains small amounts of zinc that can boost your intake. Eating a little cheese on the homemade crackers mentioned earlier is a good way of getting more healthy minerals into your body.

9. Pine Nuts: These are another fine source of zinc which also contains magnesium and vitamins which support the health of the heart. Eating a handful of seeds and nuts regularly can prevent long term illnesses with age. 1 cup of dried pine nuts contains 9mg of zinc, around 90% of the daily value needed.

10. Hemp Seeds: Known for their healing properties hemp seeds are becoming more popular as a superfood. 3 tablespoons contain 43% of the daily value of zinc.

11. Cashews: We recommend eating a mixture of nuts and seeds when trying to boost the very important zinc mineral into the body. By eating a mixture of nutritious foods you give your body a good balance of different nutrients. 1oz of cashews provides 15 % of your daily value for zinc.

12. Spinach: We recommend eating cruciferous vegetables like spinach to boost your intake of trace minerals. Spinach has a small amount of zinc (0.8g in 100g) however it also has other nutrients which help your body to utilize zinc.

As you can see, zinc is a difficult mineral to get into your diet but is extremely important. Try eating a mixture of these foods on a daily basis to boost your intake of the trace mineral. Many of the soils nowadays are depleted of trace minerals so you may need to supplement using liquid trace mineral formulas. Remember that the body cannot store zinc for very long like other nutrients, so it is important to consume it regularly.