10 Health Benefits Of Green Coffee For Your Skin, Hair And Body

The health benefits of green coffee beans.

1. Losing weight can be very difficult for those who aren’t very active or struggle with exercise. Green Coffee Beans have become one of the most popular products in recent years as they are fantastic for weight loss

2. These are unroasted coffee beans which contain a high amount of Chlorogenic Acid. This is one of several polyphenols within the bean which acts as a natural fat burner and weight loss aid.

3. Green Coffee is much higher in this wonderful antioxidant compound than regular roasted coffee, making them much more effective.

4. The best way to take this is in capsule or tablet form. You can buy green coffee extract and take this on a daily basis. This will cause weight loss in 1-2 weeks.

5. Studies have shown that the healthy compounds within green coffee beans are easily absorbed by the body.

6. The caffeine present also increases alertness and energy levels, as it causes the body to release hormones. However too much can make you restless and anxious, keeping you awake at night. This is the same as regular roasted coffee.

7. The nutrients within the bean cause the body to burn glucose and body fat for energy, whilst reducing inflammation. This may also help to prevent the onset of diabetes.

8. Studies have shown that this green coffee bean extract lowers blood sugar levels and makes you less likely to crave high energy snacks and junk food, which helps the weight loss process.

9. Evidence also suggests that the extract can lower blood pressure, and get rid of cholesterol and triglyceride concentrations in the blood.

10. You should not take green coffee beans if you have heart problems such as heart arrhythmia as the caffeine can cause further problems.

11. The antioxidants within coffee beans also have anti-ageing properties and may help the skin to look healthier, also preventing early wrinkles.

12. It is also not recommended to consume green coffee bean extract whilst pregnant, or for those who suffer from anxiety.