10 Health Benefits of Kamias (Bilimbi) Fruit

The health benefits and uses of kamias, also known as bilimbi fruit.

1. Kamias is a green fruit which is grown in the in many warm climates such as the Philippines, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and India.

2. These have a great range of health benefits, which makes them an excellent food to eat every single day.

3. This fruit tastes very sour but is a great source of Vitamins B, C, Iron, Calcium and phosphorus.

4. It also contains some healthy antioxidants like many fruits and can boost your body’s immune system.

5. It has been used to help control bleeding in the stomach, as well as fighting cholesterol for those overweight or with heart problems.

6. It is considered to be very acidic, so is usually cooked and eaten in curries, stews and soups.

7. If you have a cough, eating kamias in a soup will clear up the problem very quickly.

8. This also works in treating thrush, due to the medicinal properties of the plant.

9. Constipation can be a real problem for many people and can cause weight gain and the body to store fat deposits. A little Kamia in your curry or stew can relieve constipation very effectively.

10. Kamias is also used to make a syrup. This treats inflammation in the body and brings down a fever.

11. You can mash the fruit into a paste and apply this to the skin to treat insect bites. This will take away the sting and cause the skin to heal faster.

12. The leaves of this plant are also used as a natural medicine and can be pounded and added to the paste mentioned earlier.

13. This can also help with swelling on the skin, such as mumps, pimples, boils and itchiness.

14. The leaves can be dried and used to make tea. This treats rectal inflammation, including internal haemorrhoids and bleeding.

15. This fruit can be preserved by slicing in half, placing on a tray and letting the sun dry the fruit out. The same can be done with the leaves.

16. You can squeeze the juices from the fruit and use as a natural cleaning product. The high concentration of oxalic acid works as a useful bleach.

17. A tasty toffee can also be made by extracting the juices from the pulp of the fruit and cooking with sugar, lemon, glucose and milk.

18. It has also been used to make a delicious “bilimbi wine”. This can be made by boiling the fruit with sugar and water, straining and adding yeast. After 3 weeks of fermentation, A golden alcoholic drink is produced.

19. An extract from this fruit is also used in some brands of eye drops, to revitalise the eyes from redness and dryness.

20. If you suffer from Rheumatism and aching joints. You can heat Kamia leaves in a pan and bandage them around problem areas to treat the pain.