10 Health Benefits of Pink Himalayan Salt Benefits

The health benefits of uses of pink Himalayan sea salt.

1. Pink Himalayan Salt is absolutely delicious and one of the healthiest salts on the planet. This comes from ancient sea salt crystals, which are mined from deep within the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains.

2. Many people believe salt is bad for you, however, it is one of the most important substances that the body needs to survive.

3. Regular table salt is refined using chemicals and contains agents which are not healthy to consume, however, Himalayan salt is completely natural and over 250 million years old.

4. Himalayan salt contains over 84 trace elements and minerals that the body needs to maintain perfect health.

5. Eating a healthy source of salt such as this is important in regulating and maintaining normal blood pressure.

6. Salt is also essential for the adrenal glands to function correctly. This causes the adrenal cortex to produce over 50 hormones which are essential for the body.

7. Himalayan salt loosens mucus and helps the lungs to function properly. This is often used in salt therapy, where patients inhale salt to treat bronchitis. You can purchase a salt inhaler to do this yourself at home.

8. The minerals within the salt also help in balancing your body’s pH levels. This is extremely important for staying healthy with a strong immune system.

9. The salt is often added to bathwaters to help clear up skin conditions and soothe aching muscles. The skin also absorbs some of the trace minerals.

10. Salt, in general, is essential for the body to maintain a healthy brain and neurological function. Healthy salts trigger parts of the brain which boosts creativity and imagination.

11. Many people use Himalayan salt lamps as a means of purifying the air in their home. This has been said to help many in breathing easier, yet more research is required.

12. The trace minerals in pink Himalayan salt helps to body to flush out excess water retention and increase blood circulation.

This ancient salt is much better than modern sea salt, as the sea has been polluted in recent years and contains harmful substances. Himalayan sea salt has been untouched for millennia, and protected deep underground.