10 Surprising Health Benefits Of The Olive Leaf

The health benefits and uses of olive leaves.

1. Olive leaves come from an evergreen tree known as Olea Europaea. This is native to the Mediterranean, Africa and Asia.

2. Olive leaves were used a natural medicine and health supplement by the ancient Egyptians.

3. They contain a compound called oleuropein which can be used as a natural cancer treatment. It works by blocking tumours from spreading throughout the body.

4. This also works to lower blood pressure naturally, preventing cardiovascular disease.

5. Powerful anti-oxidants are contained within the leaves which can help you to maintain a strong immune system and prevent infections.

6. These leaves can be used by crushing them with a pestle and mortar and adding to cold or hot drinks.

7. You can also buy olive leaf tea, which contains dried olive leaves for your convenience.

8. If you suffer from diabetes, drinking this tea daily will help to lower your blood sugar levels and prevent extra inflammation in the body.

9. Alternatively, you can use olive leaf extract which is available in pill form from health food stores.

10. If you wish to make this yourself, simply pick your olive leaves fresh, dry them out in the sun until they become brittle. Blend these into a powder. You can then take 2 tablespoons daily or use to make a healthy tea.

11. Experiment by adding other delicious fruits and herbs to your tea.

12. Olive leaves are extremely powerful in destroying harmful bacteria and fungi. Those who have candida overgrowth, hepatitis b, malaria, tuberculosis and other conditions will benefit from this leaf.

13. They also work to reverse skin damage due to the presence of powerful anti-oxidants. This is effectively used for anti-ageing, also reducing cell damage.

14. If you have high cholesterol, you should take this to help reduce these levels and maintain a healthy and functioning heart.

15. They also destroy parasites in the digestive system such as intestinal worms.

16. Many people suffer from chronic sinusitis and blocked nasal passages. Eating or drinking olive leaves regularly, heals this problem.

17. The same can be said for those suffering from asthma, hay fever and other breathing problems.

18. Olive leaves taste bitter, but you can eat them freshly picked in delicious stews or stir-fries.