10 Tips To Clear IBPS PO In First Attempt with Preparation


But still, there are few candidates who aren’t regular aspirants and are working professionals. They don’t have adequate timings to kick start their IBPS PO preparations.

For those candidates, I am sharing few tips which if followed strictly can put them in the league from where they can be assured of passing the preliminary exams and qualifying for the mains.

#Tip No. 1

Study the exam pattern and take notes of the important subjects which you want to look for.

#Tip No. 2

Go through the previous year cut off and make your strategy around the cut off marks. This will give you a goal to achieve.

#Tip No. 3

Reading Comprehension: Keep your reading speed maximum.

#Tip No. 4

Attempt difficult questions in the mock tests.

#Tip No. 5

Learn parts of speech. Read regularly, and with reading I mean books, newspapers and magazines with heavy vocabulary usage. This will benefit you in building your word power as well.

#Tip No. 6

Make a target to practice at least 2–3 previous year question papers daily. Try to solve maximum questions and it is very much beneficial to keep a timer and try to solve the questions within the time limit.

#Tip No. 7

Practice high accuracy topics; (These are the topics that demand your time, attention and hard work)

Direction and distances


Coded and Mathematical inequalities

Blood relations

Ordering and ranking

Arrangement and Pattern, etc

#Tip No. 8

Moderate accuracy topics; (These are the topics that should attract less attention and should consume less time of yours)


Coding and Decoding

Data Sufficiency



#Tip No. 9

Remember one thing, practice is the key, practice well and do well. You’ll need to give 3–4 hours of your time in the initial period and as soon as the exam comes closer you will need to put on a couple of hours more. Don’t shy away from taking a few leaves from your office, utilise your weekends and make the most of it.

#Tip No. 10

Eat healthy food, take breaks between studies. A good sleep of 6 hours is more than sufficient and sleeping 6 hours for 15–20 days won’t give your body any harm. Indulge in meditation activities for at least 20 min in the morning and 5 to 10 min in between the studies. This will help you gain your consciousness and focus more.

All the best for your exams!!!