10 Wonderful Health Benefits of Amla Powder

1. Amla powder is made from dried Indian gooseberries and has been used for thousands of years as a natural remedy.

2. Amla powder is commonly used in ayurvedic medicine to treat problems in the body such as eye infections, skin problems and many more.

3. You can purchase this from many health food stores, or order online and take a teaspoon three times per day to boost your health.

4. It contains over twelve different types of polyphenols which have powerful antioxidant properties. These help to cleanse the blood and refresh the body overall.

5. Amla powder also contains a large amount of vitamin c, which destroys free radicals in the body and boosts the immune system.

6. The Amla powder is made by drying and grinding amla fruit. These green berries are grown mostly in India.

7. I recommend buying organic amla for the best effects. It is very powerful and can be added to a smoothie, on your breakfast cereal or simply drank in a glass of water. You can also take this before sleep.

8. This has been well known to improve eyesight, especially for those with near-sightedness, as it brings down inflammation in the eye, promoting healthy capillaries, and improving your focus.

9. If you find yourself suffering from mood swings, and feel low for long periods of time, Amla powder can help. It raises dopamine levels in the brain. This helps you to get rid of stress and tension.

10. If you prefer you can find amla capsules which are easier to take if you are in a rush. These are also easy to find online.

11. Like most berries, they increase the rate of digestion and speed up your metabolism. This helps you to feel more energised and less likely to suffer from constipation.

12. Amla Powder also used to help with hair growth. You can mix amla powder with coconut water to create a hair paste. Apply this all over the scalp and hair for one hour. This invigorates the hair, making it less likely to break. Also making it grow healthier and stronger, and gets rid of dandruff.

13. It also stops the hair from becoming grey too early by preserving the pigments in the follicles.

14. Amla powder helps your liver to deal with alcohol and keeps it functioning at its best. This can also help to cure a hangover and allow the body to flush out toxins.

15. Often, our bodies can have trouble absorbing calcium and getting it to the right places such as the bones and teeth. Amla causes the body to absorb more calcium, making you stronger and healthier.

16. It helps to alleviate asthma as it can improve lung function making you breathe easier.

17. Drinking a tablespoon in a glass of water also helps to prevent a build-up a stomach acid, and can prevent ulcers. You can drink this before meals.

18. Amla powder is rich in chromium. This makes the body more responsive to insulin and can, therefore, reduce sugar levels in the blood. This is excellent for those suffering from diabetes.

19. To use amla powder on the skin, mix a little amla powder with some raw honey. Apply this to the skin for 20 minutes on the face and neck, and then wash. This rejuvenates the skin and clears up acne and pimples.

20. The polyphenols mentioned earlier help to reduce the risk of cancer, as they keep the cells healthy and prevent damage from free radicals.