10 Wonderful Health Benefits of Neem Powder For Skin & Hair

The health benefits and uses of Neem Powder.  

1. Neem Powder has been used for thousands of years as natural medicine. It is made by drying and grinding neem leaves, also known as Indian Lilac.  

2. This wonderful powder can be taken internally to treat stomach ulcers and acts as a blood purifier and healer.  

3. Neem powder is often mixed with water to make a paste, in order to treat skin disorders.   It is a natural toner and moisturiser and works to treat acne, scars, blackheads, warts ringworm, eczema and psoriasis.  

4. The antibacterial properties of neem, allow it to be applied for a large variety of medical conditions. This can include treating a dry scalp, head lice, dandruff and hair loss.  

5. Neem powder can be infused with water and used are skin and muscle relaxant. Simply soak aching muscles, the feet scalp, and other body parts to enjoy neem’s anti-inflammatory effects.  

6. Neem is not only antibacterial, but it is also anti-fungal, antiviral and anti-mutagen. It is, therefore, a powerful cure for many illnesses such as intestinal worms, eye disorders, leprosy, diabetes, gum disease and liver problems.  

7. The leaf is not the only part of the tree that is used. In fact over 140 compounds have been isolated from the different parts of the neem tree, for use in all kinds of treatments and products.  

8. Neem Oil, which is extracted from the seeds of the neem tree is a natural flea treatment for animals, which also calms itchy skin.  

9. When the powder is made into a paste with water, it can be applied to the skin to help burns to heal faster. It also disinfects the skin, protecting it from infection.  

10. One teaspoon of neem powder can be added to healthy smoothies. These have an anti-carcinogenic effect and have been scientifically shown to neutralise the effects of cancer-causing substances.  

11. It also works to destroy intestinal worms and parasites which may be living in the digestive system.  

12. Neem powder can be mixed with moisturising creams and applied as a natural insect repellent.  

13. It can also be used when brushing the teeth as a natural cure for gingivitis, gum disease and mouth ulcers. It destroys harmful bacteria in the mouth which causes plaque.  

14. In some countries, neem leaves are used to induce abortions, so pregnant women are not advised to use neem internally.