20 Amazing Health Benefits Of Coconut Water

The health benefits and uses of coconut water, also known as coconut juice.

1. Coconut water is the fluid found inside the fruit of the coconut tree. This has a great range of health benefits.

2. The water is usually taken from young green coconuts before it ripens and turns into milk.

3. This fruit is found in tropical and subtropical areas all around the world and is famous for its unique flavour.

4. This water is very high in electrolytes and can give you a boost of energy when you are feeling low.

5. It tastes delicious and is very refreshing due to the vitamins and minerals contained within.

6. It is a very rich source of potassium and will help you to sleep better at night if you drink this earlier on in the day.

7. It also contains calcium, iron, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium, selenium, zinc and vitamin c.

8. If you suffer from high blood pressure, drinking coconut water regularly will reduce this problem.

9. It also works to lower triglyceride levels keeping your heart healthier, with less risk of heart attacks.

10. Many people use coconut water as a natural energy drink during and after exercise. This is much healthier than most commercial products.

11. It’s best to drink raw coconut water, directly from the fruit. Otherwise, you can purchase this from health food stores.

12. Sometimes coconut water gets confused with coconut milk. The water is much more nutritious, as it is the building blocks of the white coconut meat found in older coconuts.

13. Coconut milk has many more calories than water. This makes it better for use in deserts.

14. Coconut water can also be used to aid weight loss. You can do this by replacing all sugary drinks in your diet with coconut water.

15. This also works to detoxify your body, by boosting the body’s natural ability to cleanse itself from the inside.

16. Coconut water can also be applied directly to the skin as an alternative to the massage oil. It smells wonderful and destroys harmful bacteria on the skin.

17. The calcium within helps to strengthen the teeth and bones and relaxes all of the muscles.

18. The natural enzymes within the water will also help your stomach to break down foods, also boosting the metabolism.

19. I recommend drinking coconut water with ice cubes and a few mint leaves.

20. This is wonderful on a summer’s day for an energising yet relaxing drink.