3 Tips to Remember While doing IELTS preparation at home


Finally, some tips that will serve you well no matter which band score you are aiming for while IELTS preparation at home

· Don’t Panic – It is natural to feel apprehensive before and during the IELTS test. Before you take the test, ensure you are well rested and practice calming techniques to ensure your mind is clear of stress. During the test, if you are unable to answer a question, try to not waste time panicking. While it is important you try and attempt every question, if you are stuck you should quickly move on to the next question to avoid wasting time and causing yourself further stress.

· Read Instructions Carefully – Ensure you read and follow instructions on the Listening, Reading and Writing sections carefully. Make sure you understand every question and what is expected of you from the test. This is crucial if you want to achieve high marks.

· Take Practice Tests – In addition to the preparation tips given throughout this guide, it is essential you study practice papers to prepare yourself for the exam.