4 Amazing Benefits of Burning Sage

The benefits of burning sage leaves in your home.

1. Sage leaves have been used for thousands of years as a common flavouring herb for delicious meals. They were also used by Native Americans in a process called smudging.

2. Smudging is the act of burning sacred herbs to purify the home and remove negative energies from your environment.

3. It is also used to invoke a sense of peace and calmness in the body, as the compounds within sage get released into the air. As you inhale these, you can enjoy mental and physical relaxation, triggered by the aroma.

4. Many people perform this practise in modern times as a healthy and spiritual ritual. This is usually performed before meditation, during healing sessions, yoga or when moving into a new home.

5. You can purchase dried sage from many health foods stores and spiritual stores worldwide. The sprigs are usually tied together with a string.

6. To burn sage and remove negative energies, simply light a match and burn the sage bundle. If a flame emerges simply blow it until the sage begins to give off smoke. Place this on a heatproof mat or bowl and allow the scent to fill the room.

7. The aroma is absolutely wonderful and is said to remind people of their ancestors and elder relatives, as this ritual is steeped in history and has been performed for thousands of years.

8. You can then move the sage bundle around the home and around the body to promote relaxation and fill the air with the aroma. This act of “smudging” is said to ward off bad energy in spirituality.

9. You can enjoy burning sage in your home, office, workplace or wherever you wish to create a sense of peace. The compounds that are released within the smoke are excellent for improving your mental health and lowering the stress hormone cortisol.

10. Many people say that burning sage in your home is like taking an energetic shower. The body seems to release tension from the muscles, especially around the face, forehead, neck and back.

11. Burning sage also reduces allergens in the air from pets. It also reduces the effects of mould and dust particles.

12. Sage such as “salvia sages” and “white prairie sage” contain a compound called thujone. This has been scientifically shown to enhance the intuition of the brain, helping you to think more clearly.

13. In aromatherapy, sage oil is used in oil burners or electric diffusers. This is easier to work with and can reduce stress levels very quickly.

14. Constant thoughts chattering in the brain can make it difficult to fall asleep. Many people have used this as a natural sleep aid and to get relief from anxiety at night.