5 Common Job Interview Mistakes to Avoid

In this article, we are going to discuss 6 very common interview mistakes that a lot of job seekers tend to make and these do not go in their favour. What are these mistakes? let’s find out. Keep all negativity outside the interview room. Whether your previous boss was extremely bad to you or your university who is not that great. Make sure you do not bring up anything that is negative during a job interview. While we’re on this subject make sure you do not lie either that’s as negative as you can be and if caught it would mean instant rejection.

Inappropriate interview attire. When it comes to interviewing wear, nothing short of formal is acceptable. Agreed.. that sometimes you might be interviewing for a start-up who does not really care about what you wear but when it comes to this a conservative mindset is always preferable. You never know who is interviewing you so make sure you are well dressed for this interview. If you end up in your jeans and flip-flops do not expect a warm welcome from the recruiter.

Don’t talk too much or too little in your interview. For any question make sure you have a well-structured answer pause for a second or two before you begin if needs be because if your answer ends up being too long it seems like you missed the point or if it’s too little it seems like you have nothing much to say. Always have a lot of questions to ask. What you need to know is that your interview is not just about knowing your skills and how it can be applied to this position that you are applying for. It is also about how curious or how interested you are in this position which is reflected by the questions you ask. So make sure you have tons of intelligent questions to ask the recruiter.

The last tip from us does your research properly. Make sure you thoroughly researched the company your interviewer, the founders of the company and the competitors as well. Feed-in this research in all your answers and let them know that you’ve really prepared well for this interview. What this does is makes the recruiter feel that you are in fact really interested to work there and in this job role.