A 7-day Cucumber Weight Loss Diet Plan

A cucumber diet for weight loss, and to reduce the size of the belly in 7 days.

1. There are many diets available for losing weight. The cucumber diet is designed to work in 7 days to reduce the size of the belly.

2. Fat around the stomach can be dangerous for our health and can be unsightly and make us feel low in confidence. Cucumbers offer a solution which gives fast results compared to many other diets.

3. The cucumber recipes used in this diet not only reduce fat but also get rid of excess water retention which may be making your belly look fatter than it actually is.

4. This diet can cause you to lose up to 7kgs in weight, depending upon your unique metabolism, height and weight.

5. Cucumbers are extremely healthy fruits which are sometimes classed as a vegetable. They have the ability to stimulate the metabolism and clear out the intestines and digestive tract.

6. The diet may make you feel a loss of energy at first, however, after a while the toxins in your body will begin to flush away making you feel more vibrant and alert.

7. Many people who have performed this diet have also reported their skin having reduced oil and less acne.

Daily Diet Regime Breakfast – Cucumber salad, and two hard-boiled eggs.

Snack 1 – Two green or red apples. Lunch – Cucumber salad and two slices of whole wheat toasted bread.

Snack 2 – Cucumber smoothie Dinner – 300 to 500 grams of fresh fruit.

Method: Stick to the above diet for one whole week. This will cleanse the body of toxins, burn fat and get rid of water retention around the stomach.

Do not perform this diet for any more than 7 days. This is a simple cleanse, which is healthier than fasting. How to make Cucumber Salad – Slice 400 grams of cucumber, and one whole fresh onion. Add a pinch of salt and mix with 200ml of fresh unsweetened Greek yoghurt. How to make a cucumber smoothie – Blend one whole cucumber, one whole apple, 1 half-inch of fresh ginger and a bunch of spinach. This should be made fresh once per day. This diet will provide your body with enough vitamins and minerals to help cleanse the body and provide enough energy to go through the week.

You will soon notice some wonderful results.