ALOE VERA Health Benefits and Side Effects

Common and Biological name of Herb

Aloe Vera “burn plant”“lily of the desert”

◆ Leaves contain a clear gel that canbe used topically

◆ Green part of leaf that surrounds gel produces juice or driedsubstance (latex) that can be taken orally

◆ Used back 6000 years to Egyptian times

Aloe Vera Health Benefits

Aloe vera plant’s leaves can be used as an herbal remedy to soothe sunburns and other minor skin irritations so it made the list. It is also used by some to relieve mild stomach irritation, to treat acne, to relieve the symptoms of eczema, and even to stimulate hair growth.

Scientific studies show benefit for topical gel healing burns and abrasions; however, may not work for deep surgical wounds or radiation wounds Laxative affect taken orally Inactivates HSV2 virus Bacteriostatic properties Contains sterols with anti-inflammatory properties

Aloe Vera Side Effects

Toxicology study of oral whole leaf extract found risk of carcinogenicity in lab animals

*Topical aloe has no known side effects

ADRs with oral aloe:Lowers blood sugar by stimulating insulin

Diarrhea/abd.cramps Arrhythmia from hypokalemia Contac dermatitis, stinging, soreness

Acute hepatitis, renal failure, nephritis

Abortifacent, may ↑uterine bleeding

Avoid in pregnancy and lactation

Avoid perioperatively; has caused bleeding