Amazing Benefits Of Betel Leaves (Paan ka Patta) For Skin, Hair and Health

Betel leaf Paan ka patta is powerhouse of nutrition and offer heavy medicinal value

1. Betel leaves have been used since ancient times as natural medicine. They are often chewed to trigger some health benefits.

2. These leaves come from the betel vine, a thin stemmed plant native to Southeast Asia and are used in Thailand, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, The Philippines, Cambodia and Vietnam.

3. They have a heart like a shape with a shiny surface and are often offered to guests before or after a meal in India.

4. They contain healthy compounds which can cure different problems in the body, such as treating a painful headache.

5. The leaves contain healthy doses of Vitamin C, Thiamine, Niacin, Riboflavin, Carotenes and Calcium.

6. Chewing them will also freshen the breath after a meal and aid the digestion process of food.

7. A few leaves can be added to some boiling water with a little black pepper to treat stomach pain. This is often used for young children.

8. They can be made into a paste by muddling with a pestle and mortar. This can be applied to boils and pimples to clear them.

9. You can also apply this to aching joints and muscles and reduces the inflammation of orchitis and arthritis.

10. Chewing Betel Leaves will also help to soothe a sore throat from a cold or infection.

11. If you suffer from earaches, you can make a betel leaf juice by pressing them and straining. This can be dropped into the ear as a natural cure.

12. This same betel leaf juice can also be soaked onto bandages and applied to wounds to prevent infection and help the healing process. You can also place a leaf within the wrap.

13. Betel leaves have also been shown to reduce blood sugar levels, which can help those with diabetes.

14. It has been said to help those suffering from erectile dysfunction as they work as a stimulant. This is also considered to be an aphrodisiac for women.

15. In Indonesia, women use betel leaf to clean the genitals after giving birth, as it is cleansing and anti-inflammatory.

16. A compound called Eugenol in these leaves is an anti-fungal and therefore clears up fungal infections on the skin and on the genitals, such as thrush or candida overgrowth.

17. If you have a cough, you can boil around 10 leaves in 500ml of water. Allow this to boil for at least 10 minutes and then drink. This will soothe your symptoms. You may also add a little honey to sweeten if you do not like the bitter taste.

18. A delicious vodka drink can be made by infusing this with betel leaves, sliced mango and sweet potatoes for a month. This has a unique and grassy flavour which is quite refreshing.

19. You can boil betel leaves and use the water as a cleaning fluid for surfaces. The Chavicol will destroy surface bacteria and other parasites.

20. Be sure to use young betel leaves, which are not too ripe. These work best and taste slightly less bitter.