Are Canned foods Safe to eat?

Are Canned foods Safe?

Canning is basically a method in which food items are processed. And then packed in air-tight containers. This helps preserve food for longer periods. However, there are some disadvantages to canned foods. Firstly, canned foods can be high in sugar and salt. So, they can pose a risk for people with. High blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, etc. Secondly, most cans have a coating of Bisphenol A to prevent corrosion. Studies suggest that Bisphenol A can leak into the food. And have negative effects on our hormones and reproductive system. Thirdly, the acids present in food can react with the metal can. And produce hydrogen gas, creating bulges, thus making food unsafe to eat. Lastly, improper canning process can lead to. Growth of dangerous bacteria called clostridium botulinum. It produces a lethal toxin which if consumed. Can paralyze our muscles, and cause death if left untreated.