Are earphones harmful to the ear?

Are Earphones Harmful to ears?

When any soundwave enters our ear, it creates vibrations in our eardrum. These vibrations then travel through tiny bones. And eventually, get transmitted to cochlea. The cochlea is a fluid-filled chamber with tiny hair cells. Now, these vibrations move the fluid as well as the hair cells. Allowing us to hear. Now, as earphones as very close to our eardrums. Continuous loud music causes extreme movement of the hair cells. Thus decreasing their sensitivity over time, eventually leading to hearing loss. Now, some solutions. Firstly, we can hear better quality music at a lower volume level. With noise-cancelling earphones as they remove unwanted background sounds. Secondly, some experts recommend the 60 by 60 rule. One should listen to music at 60% volume for a maximum of 60 minutes. Thirdly, over-the-ear headphones are recommended. As they are further away from our eardrums.