Asian Ginseng Health Benefits and Side Effects

Common and Biological name of Asian Ginseng

“Korean ginseng” “Chinese ginseng” 

◆ Note: Siberian ginseng is not ginseng at all

Asian Ginseng Health Benefits

Uses: adaptogen, stamina, mental and physical performance

Hepatitis C


Erectile dysfunction


Diabetes mellitus

Studies: may lower blood glucose;may help immune function

NCCAM research currently in cancer and Alzheimer’s disease

↑T cell and lymphocyte activity

May inhibit RNA type viruses

May have antioxidant properties

Asian Ginseng Side Effects

Risk allergic reactions

*Not recommended in pregnancy/lactation due to hormonal and toxic effects, teratogen

*↑ risk breast cancer-stimulates breast cancer cells

*avoid in asthma, arrhythmia, HTN, psychiatric disorder

*stop pre-operatively due to bleeding effect

ADRs:H/AGI disturbance, appetite changes

Sleep disturbance



Stevens-Johnsons Syndrome↑

estrogenic effects

Menstrual changes, ↑bleeding

Mastalgia, breast growth

Mania in bipolar disorder

DRUG INTERACTIONS:anticoagulants


antidiabetic agents ↑ or↓ bs antihypertensives-alter effect

antipsychotics ↑sedation, ↑effect estrogen ↑effect sedatives ↑sedation