Astralgus Health Benefits and Side Effects

Common and Biological name of Astralgus

Traditional Chinese Medicine for immunity, cancers, and hepatitis

◆ In legume family

◆ 300 species grow in North America; some toxic to livestock

An herb used in traditional Chinese medicine. The dried root is used medicinally. It is also known as an adaptogen.

Astralgus Health Benefits

Under study: potential benefits for immune system, liver,heart, and adjunctive cancer therapy

2005 Cochrane study: some immunestimulation and ↓N/V in colorectal cancer

Antioxidant effects

Used in CAD and DM

Used in hepatitis, HIV,

hepato protection Chemotherapy 

Astralgus Side Effects

*some astragalus species, mostly not found indietary supplements used, might be toxic. 

Some species toxic levels of selenium and some contain neurotoxin swainsonine which has caused “locoweed” poisoning in animals.Dietary supplement astralgus is generally considered safe for most adults

DRUG INTERACTIONS may interact with immune suppressants, such as cancer drug cyclophosphamide and organ transplant drugs.


Diarrhea Bleeding: interacts with anticoagulants

Avoid in pregnancy and lactation

Avoid in immune disorders, transplants,bleeding disorders