Ayurvedic Treatment: Kidney Stone Pain Relief

We, Will, discuss How to reduce the pain caused due to stone without any injection and painkiller. Those who have suffered kidney stone pain only knows it’s severity. Others can just observe and guess about the pain. But don’t fret. Try to create a positive environment near the patient. Don’t scare the patient. Sometimes people nearby scare the patient by telling him unwanted things.

Here is the simple remedy to reduce kidney stone pain

Boil 1 litre of water. Squeeze 3-4 lemons in it… and make the patient drink while it is lukewarm within 5 min sip by sip. If sometimes the patients refuse to drink… still, try to make him drink with love and care. At most the patient will vomit. That is good because many times… the pain of stone is caused due to Vayu (air). And Vayu (air/gas) is caused when the food is not digested properly and remained in the stomach. In such a situation, if the person vomits… the body will become lighter… Don’t be afraid. This is good. His stomach will become lighter and… he will be able to fall asleep. Then the person gets relief from the agony. If he is able to vomit… then again after 5-7 min boil 1 litre of water and squeeze 3-4 lemon and make them drink. Don’t let the lemon water stay for a long time and make it stale. If you want the lemon water to give relief, then make them drink lukewarm within 5 min. This is the first thing which you must do.


The second thing is… There are some Acupressure points which should be pressed. The first point is between the thumb and index finger… press on this point like this in a way in which you are able to press the area properly. If you press for 5 min, slowly the pain will subside. While pressing the patient might feel pain in the hand. You might say, ” I have pressed it, but the pain of the patient didn’t subside” Let me tell you… do this daily. Try every day at this point… You will get accustomed to it. Once you get accustomed, if you press anyone’s point… that person will experience little pain… and any kind of body pain may it be a cervical pain, headache or any other pain gets cured… This is the point of the central nervous system. This is the first point. Secondly, the ring finger… the finger in which the ring is worn before marriage… the nerve from that finger reaches the heart. If you press this finger-like this… so, this can control the pain. I have told about 2 points. You can press 2 min each on both the points. Then press here and there for 5-10 min. In 5-10 min the pain will subside. And if the pain has subsided 90% and 10% of it remains… then again after 10-20 min press these points. Similarly, there are points in your feet. Both in your hands and legs. Apart from this what can you do? You can press the calves of the patient. If you press the calves, through it there passes… Vajra Nadi (nerve pathways through which life force energy travels in the body) which is connected to the stomach. and many other nerves which are connected to the stomach. When you press the calves… even if the child is suffering from pain, he gets relief by pressing here. If you press the calves of an Adult, he too will get relief. Because you are not able to do anything other than streaming his agony. You might feel sad about that situation. So, pressing the calves is very good. The pain of stone also reduces. But, you must keep in mind that… don’t feed the patient anything on that day. Keep his light. If you give him 1-1.5 litre of water… then if within an hour, he urinates… because withing 45 min people tend to urinate… then, send him to urinate. If you want to go along with him, you may hold him… and ask him to urinate while sitting down. If you urinate while standing, there is an incomplete development of pressure. Then what happens is urine is not completely discharged. You may get scared thinking whether stone might have got stuck. This does not happen. Actually, due to tremendous pain, the contraction and relaxation mechanism of muscles gets disturbed. Because of which it is unable to release the pressure completely. Urine is not able to release properly. So, don’t be scared at that time. Calmly bring him back to the room. Give him some more warm lemon water… If not 1 litre, at least 1/2 litre water with 2 lemons. You can give the patient 6-8 lemons in a day.

If you feed the patient only lemon water for a day… he might feel little weak… because he didn’t eat anything. But still, he will be fine. He will feel light. After that, for many days he won’t suffer from pain. If you take him to hospital You keep on feeding him so that he doesn’t get weak. But, he will get weak by consuming the medicine. Things will be the same. Try to make him fast for a day. Now, let’s talk about when the pain has subsided… and the patient himself tells that he is hungry and wants to eat. that time what should he eat… but, before that let me tell you.

Many people have the misconception that… there are no painkillers in Ayurveda. We have to take Allopathic painkiller. Although the tips that I have told you up till now… like acupressure and pressing the calves and lemon water… with these, you won’t need the pain killer. But still, if you feel more insecure… then there is a painkiller in Ayurveda called “Shoolvarjini Vati”. whether the pain is due to Gallbladder stone or Kidney or Bladder… many time along with pain there is swelling in the area near the kidney or bladder. because it is paining daily… the muscles get tensed and contracts daily… because of which swelling does occur. In such a case, Shoolvarjini Vati reduces swelling too. So, somewhere it would be good and 2 pills can be given along with tepid water. And if the patient wants to eat… you can give him Dalia (wheat porridge) with thing consistency… or polenta made from Moong dal (yellow lenteakhabaar) and rice… You can add little cow ghee (clarified butter) in it. You can give vegetable soup In that also, you can add cow ghee (clarified butter). The patient can be given fruit juice. Fruits can be given like papaya, apple, pomegranate juice, sweet lime juice, Indian blackberries… These things can be given to the patient. Indian blackberries and these fruits can even destroy the stones… and he will feel light too. When the patient starts to eat… then you can give him Sago (Sabudana) by adding vegetables to it… You can give radish and radish leaves juice in small quantity. when you combine both it breaks down the stones and if you give it in the morning than it doesn’t cause gas. And if you don’t want it to cause gas then squeeze little lemon juice and add rock salt and cumin to it. You must do 1-2 things… don’t give him Roti (Indian flatbread) for 3-4 days.


Don’t give rice, banana… They increase stones. When you have been cured of stones… and you feel that the stones are ejected out of the body… then you can give rice to the patient once a week. but when the problem of stone persist, that time we should avoid rice and banana. Apart from this, limestone or calcium tablets should not be given to such a patient. Even they are recovered, they are not given or else there are chances of stone formation again. In order to fulfil the calcium requirement, the patient can take buttermilk with a light consistency. During stone, curd should not be given. diluted buttermilk can be given… that too after whisking it properly and staining it. so that the lump particles come up and the liquid and diluted portion can be given to the patient. That would be very good. Some people ask whether they can give sodium carbonate to the patient… I personally don’t like it. Lemon water is better. Sodium carbonate causes more gas. When the body absorbs that much gas, it can cause a new problem for the future… like stomach pain… or the pain due to stones.

You can take help of Ayurvedic doctor. He can guide you with the medicines to break the stones. there are numerous medicines available for stones. like Hajrul-Yahood which is also called Patthar Ber (Stone berry) Apart from this, we have Barley And many times people drink lemon water and apple cider vinegar. Start taking 1 spoon of it in warm water twice a day on an empty stomach. The tiny stones of 4-5 mm break down with this only. If you drink more water… Do these things. And if you don’t want the stones to form again… then don’t eat things which cause gas… at least avoid it for some period of time avoid for 2-4 months And later too limit their consumption like certain lenteakhabaar, kidney beans etc. Whatever thing causes gas build-up, eat that in a limit… only then stones will not form again. Those who eat Kidney beans, lenteakhabaar etc at night… and go to sleep… those who attend functions and ceremonies at night… many are able to detox them… and some people form stones in the body due to that. That’s why dinner should be always light.