Benefits of Camphor Oil for Skin, Hair and Weight Loss

The benefits of using camphor oil on the skin and hair and how to do this yourself at home.

1. Camphor oil is a well-established natural remedy, which can be used on the skin to treat different problems.

2. Camphor oil comes from the wood of the camphor tree and is made by distilling the bark.

3. It can also be manufactured and is used in products like Vicks VapoRub.

4. It is a powerful anti-fungal and can be used to treat fungal infections on both the skin and naeakhabaar.

5. If your skin itches often, you can gently rub camphor oil into it to reduce itching and irritation.

6. Do not apply camphor oil to broken skin however, this does not work to treat wounds.

7. If you suffer from pimples or acne scars, you can mix a few drops of camphor oil with some coconut oil, and apply this to the skin, twice a day. This will soon clear up the problem.

8. You may also find that your skin tone evens out, giving you a more radiant and glowing look.

9. It can be applied to minor skin burns and bruises to bring down inflammation.

10. Camphor oil has also helped people to treat haemorrhoids which can be quite painful if ignored.

11. You can purchase this from many health food stores and online. Be sure to look for “Camphor Essential Oil”.