Benefits of Using Guava Leaves For Hair Growth

The benefits of using guava leaves for the hair and scalp

1. If your hair is beginning to thin out, you can use guava leaves to prevent further hair loss.

2. The nutrients and vitamins contained within the leaves are very beneficial for the body. They can be used to treat dandruff.

3. Head lice may also be destroyed by washing your hair with guava leaves tea daily.

4. This tea can easily be made by soaking a handful of guava leaves in boiling water and then allowing this water to cool.

5. Guava leaves may also promote regrowth of hair in some individuals.

6. Simply take your guava leaf tea, and massage it into the scalp and the roots of the hair follicles for the best effects, and let this sit on the scalp for 20 minutes before rinsing with water.

7. It is also recommended to drink the guava leaf tea in order to increase the healthiness of the body. Guava leaves have many other health benefits which are discussed in a separate article.