Best 75+ Best Funny and Cute Halloween Instagram Captions 2023

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Funny Halloween Instagram captions are just what you need to celebrate this spooky day with your family, friends and relatives. Have the unique Halloween messages and Halloween captions shared with everyone around you. Surprise them with vampire, skeleton and Halloween quotes. Scare them with scary Halloween captions.

We have come up with a collection of Halloween captions for Instagram. Share these Halloween captions with friends, family, couples and even dogs. Wish everyone with these funny and scary Halloween captions that are just perfect for the occasion.

Funny Halloween Instagram Captions

Halloween is when ghouls want to have fun.

It is the time to bride the witches with some chocolates.

Keep calm and scare everyone around.

If you don’t get scared, what kind of a Halloween is it.

Always have a watchful thinking in life.

Cute Halloween Captions

Just wanted to tell you that you are fa-boo-lous witch.

Ready, steady and be a ghoul.

Don’t forget to carry your wand. Happy Halloween.

I can feel that I am under your spell.

Halloween is the day when just magic happens.

Halloween Instagram Captions with Emojis

Wishing you a Happy Howl-oween.

May you have a boo-tiful Halloween night.

If you can feel the cold, you must know that there are spirits around.

Sending you bugs and hisses as it is Halloween.

A real witch is complete when she has her ghoul friends along.

Scary Halloween Captions for Instagram

There is something scary that is waiting out there.

Be prepared to get scared, scream and shout.

Everything seems better with a spell of a witch.

On Halloween, I cannot be held responsible for missing candies.

Don’t get tricked, enjoy the treats.

Funny Halloween Captions with Friends

You are my bunch of ghouls who complete the witch in me.

Demons are the most special friends of the ghouls.

You are my friends because you are the deadliest demons.

Show your true colors to the world.

Have a bloody cold, good and scary Halloween.

Halloween Instagram Captions with Boyfriend

You are my vampire and I love you.

Halloween is when I want to suck you like a vampire.

I thought you were wearing a costume.

Halloween is your chance to scare me.

Halloween is the time when everyone deserves one good scare.

Halloween Instagram Captions Clown

Don’t comb your hair today, it is Halloween my dear.

Don’t just be afraid, instead be very afraid.

There are just 365 days for the next Halloween to arrive.

A glorious morning is what makes me sick.

I have put a spell on you to tell you that you are just mine.

Halloween Instagram Captions for Instagram

Do you really think a costume to celebrate Halloween.

This is the season of witches in their costumes.

I am howling for you to wish you Halloween.

I may be sweet but I am also a psycho.

Costumes have a story to tell. What’s yours?

Couple Halloween Captions for Instagram

You make a perfect pair of scary vampires.

Happy Halloween to a couple who can scare anyone.

May you get all the attention on Halloween.

Scare everyone with your spells and stories,

You two deserve a good scream and scare. Happy Halloween.

Halloween Pumpkin Captions for Instagram

You look much prettier with a mask on.

My broomstick just broke down, I will be needing a ride.

It is time for all the witches to get to their work.

Keep calm and just carry your wand.

Ghouls just wish to have good times by scaring everyone.

Halloween Captions for Dogs

Creep it real. It is Halloween after all.

It is time to go haunting.

Be a haunt mess.

Halloween Captions for Business

Business of witches on Halloween is to just scare.

Eat, drink, party and scare.

Have a Howl-oween to remember.

Halloween Captions for Facebook

Be a handsome little devil who can scare all.

It is time to get witchy and spooky.

Wear the look and have everyone scream with fear.

Halloween Captions for Best Friend

You might find something wicked come this way.

You are my best ghoul.

When we are together, we make the best witches.

Halloween Cat Captions for Instagram

Be crazy to be scary.

Did you see a black cat just cross your way.

Be cautious!!! Black cat is crossing.

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