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B.A Course: In India BA is one of the graduate-level course which students pursue after completion of high secondary (10+2) class, this one of the oldest and well-known courses in India. Course B. A is from the most chosen course by the candidates every year various candidates take admission into B.A course after their 10th + 12th education. The candidates who are not so much interested in education along with wanting to make their career in other courses they can also choose B.A as the normal degree course and can do additionally any course with it. 

This course is offered by the various university of India government as well as private universities too with various streams.

The Bachelor of Arts course provided by various universities along with a collage of India which can be done after the 12th academic of the candidates. The candidate can choose various carrier opportunity after completing their graduation with bachelors of arts. BA provides various subject degree as like from business marketing along with dept education in history to arts like fine arts, singing along with dancing. B. A is the subject of dreams for those candidates who are not much interest in bookish language but learn and want to make their carrier into their hobby.

BA Course (Bachelor of Arts)

 BA course and subject helps in to wealthy and help enhance to improve the quality of society and BA program help to give a better shape and well organised structure with the help of different way of arts. There are so many colleges who provide BA course degree with so Many specializations available which makes the BA program exclusive and unique and very different from the other main courses. Student with the creativeness analytical mind and wanting to discover the different program forms of arts can take up the BA course. If I am talking about job and opportunity for future BA course have very huge and timeless evergreen opportunity some of some areas and sector such as Advertising,  Law, Public Planning, Graphics and Printing Industry, Journalism and many more where BA student can make there carrier in future,

Below are some important facts to know about Bachelor of Arts

  • Bachelor of Arts undergraduate program of three years duration.
  • In BA course there have five compulsory subjects along with few elective subjects. these subjects are vary and depending on under the discipline of humanities/arts
  • Student can apply for BA course as a full time course on regular basis or a part time course correspondence course or in a distance education mode.
  • Many colleges offered BA course in various streams such as DesignHospitalityMass Communication and BA specialisms available namely in term Philosophy, Pure Humanities and Literature, Anthropology, Psychology, Theology, Journalism, French, Sanskrit and many more,

BA is most know and famous subject among students of Humanities discipline and there are various specialisations under BA Humanities. The list of the most popular specialisations in BA Humanities and the colleges that offer those specialisations is mentioned in the table below

Different languages (Hindi , French English, urdu, German, Spanish,

Chinese/ Mandarin, Greek, Japanese, Latin)
Political Science History
Psychology Communication Studies
Philosophy Archaeology
Sociology Religious Studies

Required Skill for BA

Who want to pursue a BA course First skill required by the student is they need to have an interest in the subjects that they choose to pursue in the course. The candidates can of course do the B.A course with the specialist subjec.

Below are the few skills which every BA student want 

Student should be well Organised and can and know to keep well organised there team 
Assured with  language with good communication 
Intellectually inquiring
Problem solving
Perseverance and motivation
Ability to work under pressure and can adjustable nature 
Good writer
Logical and analytical 

BA Eligibility Criteria

BA course the require  eligibility criteria is that candidates must be their higher secondary 10+2 pass or after the completion of 12th  from a known and authorised board with any subject ,few collages offered  admission in there collages after 12th on basis of merit basis and few collages offered admission on the basis of entrance exam  after completion of 10+12th, for SC/ ST  some government college also offer 5% marks relaxation in this criteria for candidates , This mode of admission can be on merit list and  on entrance base exam its totally depend that how fare is your  entrance exam, and the previous educational performance of the student is taken into consideration as well.

BA Courses in India

List of Bachelor of Arts Courses in India:
Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Social Work
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality and Tourism
Bachelor of Arts in Vedic Astrology
Bachelor of Arts in Malayalam
Bachelor of Arts in Journalism
Bachelor of Arts in Military Studies
Bachelor of Arts in Musicology
Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics
Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy
Bachelor of Arts in Oriental Culture
Bachelor of Arts in Political Science
Bachelor of Arts in Physical Education
Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations
Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration
Bachelor of Arts in Rural Industry
Bachelor of Arts in Rural Development
Bachelor of Arts in Sociology
Bachelor of Arts in Social Science
Bachelor of Arts in Vocational Studies
Bachelor of Arts in Tourism Studies
Bachelor of Education
Bachelor of Arts in Yoga
Bachelor in Tourism Management
Bachelor of Divinity
Bachelor of Arts in Communicative English
Bachelor of Theology
Bachelor of Arts in Economics
Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science
Bachelor of Fine Arts
Bachelor of Arts in Education
Bachelor of Arts in History
Bachelor of Arts in Geography
Bachelor of Arts in Advertising & Brand Management
Bachelor of Arts Honors in Applied Psychology
Bachelor of Arts in Ancient History
Bachelor of Arts in Agro Services
Bachelor of Arts in Arabic
Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology
Bachelor of Arts in Child Welfare and Social Studies
Bachelor of Arts in Biostatistics
Bachelor of Arts in Cinematography
Bachelor of Arts in Cinema and Photography
Bachelor of Arts in Instrumental Music

BA Subjects

BA programme and subjects will teach you varies on the basis of the discipline and humanities/arts selected through the student.

Below are the course and syllabus for BA course  

Subjects for BA (Bachelor of Arts)
Course Syllabus
BA English English Literature 4

Twentieth Century Indian Writing(i)

Concurrent – Qualifying Language

Twentieth Century Indian Writing(ii)

English Literature 1(i)

Concurrent – Credit Language

English Literature 2(i)

Nineteenth Century European Realism(i)/ Classical Literature (i)/ Forms of Popular Fiction (i)

English Literature 2(ii) Concurrent – Interdisciplinary

English Literature 3(i)

Nineteenth Century European Realism(ii)/ Classical Literature (ii)/ Forms of Popular Fiction (ii)

Concurrent – Discipline Cantered I

English Literature 3(ii)

Contemporary Literature(i)

1930 Anglo-American Writing 

(i)/ Literary Theory 

(i)/ Women’s Writing of the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries

 (i)/ Modern European Drama

 (i)English Literature 

(ii)Contemporary Literature

Concurrent – Discipline Cantered II

BA History History of India-I

Cultural Patterns of the Ancient World and

History of India-II

History of India-III (c. 750-1206)

Rise of Modern West -11Rise of Modern West-I

History of India IV (c.1206-1550)

History of India-V (c. 1550-1605) 

History of Modern Europe- I (c. 1780-1939)

History of India-VI (c. 1750-1857

History of India-VII (c. 1605-1750) 

History of Modern Europe- II (1780-1939)

History of India-VIII (c. 1857-1950)

History Of Southeast Asia-The 19TH Century

History Of Southeast Asia-The 20TH Century

History of Modern East Asia-I(c.1840-1919)

History of Modern East Asia-1I (c. 1868-1945)

Generic Elective (Interdisciplinary Any Four)

Environmental Issues In India

Research Methodology in History

Making of Contemporary India

Delhi: Ancient

Delhi: Medieval

Delhi: Modern

Issues in Contemporary World

Any Two: Understanding Heritage/ Art Appreciation: An Introduction to Indian Art/ Archives and museums/ Understanding Popular Culture

Discipline Specific Elective (Any Four)

History Of United States Of America -1(C. 1776 -1945)

History Of United States Of America -I1(C. 1776 – 1945)

History Of The USSR-I (c. 1917- 1964)

History Of The USSR-II (c. 1917- 1964)

History Of Africa (c. 1500 – 1960s)

BA Political Science Language – MIL/ English Environmental Science

Understanding Political Theory

Constitutional Government and Democracy in India

Generic Elective – I

Environmental Science Language – MIL/ English

Political Theory-Concepts and Debates

Political Process in India

Generic Elective – II

Introduction to Comparative Government & Politics

Perspectives on Public Administration

Perspectives on International Relations

Generic Elective – III

Pol. Process & Inst. in Comparative PerspectiveAbility Enhancement Course – I

Public Policy and Administration in India

Global Politics

Classical Political Philosophy

Generic Elective – IV

Rise of Modern West -11

Modern Indian Political Thought – I

Discipline Specific Elective – I

Discipline Specific Elective – II

Modern Political Philosophy

Indian Political Thought – II

Discipline Specific Elective – III

Discipline Specific Elective – IV

BA Psychology Introduction to Psychology

Statistical Methods for Psychological Research-I

Environmental Science

General Psychology


Psychology of Individual Differences

English Communication

Youth, Gender and Identity

Development of Psychological

Psychological Research

Social Psychology

Emotional Intelligence

Psychology for Health and Well-being

Understanding Psychological Disorders

Statistical Methods for Psychological Research-II

Applied Social Psychology

Stress Management

Psychology at Work

Dealing with Psychological Disorders

Developmental Psychology

Positive Psychology

Human Resource Management

Organizational Behaviour

Counselling Psychology

Health Psychology

Community Psychology
BA Philosophy Indian Philosophy


Greek Philosophy


Western Philosophy: Descartes to Kant

Social & Political Philosophy: Indian and Western

Applied Ethics

Text of Indian Philosophy

Text of Western Philosophy

Truth Functional Logic

Analytic Philosophy

Continental Philosophy

Philosophy of Religion (Indian & Western)

Philosophy of Language (Indian & Western)

Discipline Specific Elective-4 (DSE) Subject Centric (Any Four)

Philosophy of mind

Philosophy of science

Philosophy of logic

Knowledge and scepticism


Indian theories of consciousness

Philosophy of law

Indian materialism

Generic Elective (GE)– 4 (Inter Disciplinenary)

Ethics In Public Domain

Formal Logic


Bio Ethics

Skill Enhancement Course (SEC) -2

Critical Thinking

Art And Film Appreciation
BA Social Work Beginnings of Social Work

Fundamental of Social Work

Sociology for Social Work

Concurrent Field Work

Concurrent- Qualifying Language

Basic Concepts in Psychology

Contemporary Social Concerns

Social Psychology

Concurrent- credit Language

Working with Individuals

Working with Groups

Social Deviance and Social Problems

Community Organisation

Communication and Development

Physical, Mental and Community Health

Social Policy and Social Development

Social Legislation and Human Rights

Social Action and Movements

Social Welfare and Administration

Research in Social Work

Areas of Social Work Practice II

NGO Movement
BA Economics Introductory Microeconomics

Mathematical Methods for Economics-I

Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course – I

Generic Elective – I

Introductory Macroeconomics

Mathematical Methods for Economics-II

Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course – II

Generic Elective – II

Intermediate Microeconomics-I

Intermediate Macroeconomics-I

Statistical Methods for Economics

Skill Enhancement Course – I

Generic Elective – III

Intermediate Microeconomics-II

Intermediate Macroeconomics-II

Introductory Econometrics

Skill Enhancement Course – II

Generic Elective – IV

Indian Economy – I

Development Economics – I

Discipline Specific Elective – I

Discipline Specific Elective – II

Indian Economy – II

Development Economics – II

Discipline Specific Elective – III

Discipline Specific Elective – IV
BA Archaeology Methodology and Perspectives of Social Science

History of Art and Architecture in India

Basics of Archaeology

Introduction to Sociology

Cultural Transition in Pre-Modern Kerala

Methods of Archaeology

History of Folklore

Development of Sociological Theory

Making of Modern Kerala


Basics of Indian Numismatics

Introduction to Political Science

Understanding the Past

Early Societies in India

Development of Numismatics in India

Governmental Machinery and Processes

Growth of Indian Archaeology

Introduction to Archives and Records

Environmental History

Archaeological Sites and Monuments in India

Archival Conservation and Reprography
BA Sociology Introduction to Sociology

Sociology of India

Sociological Theories

Methods of Sociological Enquiry

Religion and Society

Marriage, Family and Kinship

Social Stratification

Gender and Sexuality

Polity and Society in India

Economy and Society

Techniques of Social Research

Gender Sensitisation

Society through the Visual
BA Geography Geomorphology


Cartographic Techniques

Geography of Population

Concurrent – Qualifying Language

Analytical Physical Geography


Thematic Cartography (Practical)

Geography of Settlements

Concurrent – Credit Language

Economic Geography

Environmental Geography

Remote Sensing (Practical)

Urban Geography

Concurrent – Interdisciplinary

Geography of Natural Resources

Spatial Dimensions of Development

Statistical Methods in Geography

Concurrent – Discipline Centered I

Evolution of Geographical Thought

Social Geography

Field Techniques

Agricultural Geography(Optional)

Bio Geography(Optional)

Political Geography(Optional)

Disaster Management

Regional Planning: Case Studies

Geographical Information System

Geography of Tourism(Optional)

Contemporary Environmental Issues(Optional)

Rural Development(Optional)
BA Anthropology Introduction to Social Anthropology

Introduction to Biological Anthropology

Archaeological Anthropology-I

Technical Writing & Communication in English/ Computational Skills

Archaeological Anthropology-II

Anthropology of Kinship

Biostatistics and Data Analysis

Theories of Culture and Society

Human Genetics

Primate Biology / Cell Biology-I

Molecular Biology-I

Tribes and Peasants in India

Anthropology of religion, politics & economy

Biodiversity & Indigenous Knowledge / Cell Biology II

Anthropology of India / Molecular Biology-II

Human Ecology: Biological Dimensions

Biological Diversity in Human Populations

Human Ecology: Social and Cultural Dimensions

Genetics & Genomics-I

Field work dissertation

Fundamental of Human Origins and Evolution

Genomic Diversity in Human Populations

Anthropology In Practice / Genetics & Genomics-II
BA Linguistics Core Courses—Discipline Specific Course (DSC)-4

Introduction to Language

Elementary Phonetics and Phonology

Morphosyntactic Processes

Language, Mind and Brain

Discipline Specific Elective (DSE) Any Two

Language, Society and Language change

Linguistic Tradition and Historical Linguistics.

Generic Elective (Inter-Disciplinary) Any Two

Issues in Applied Linguistics- I

Issues in Applied Linguistics- II


GE-2(ii): Language Interfaces

Skill Enhancement Course (SEC)

Understanding Human Language

Understanding Hindi as a Foreign Language

Understanding Concepts of Translation

Understanding Concepts of Language Acquisition and Intervention.
BA Rural Studies Elements of Rural Development

Rural Development Policies and Programmes

Indian Rural Economic Scene

Indian Rural Social Scene

BA Entrance Exams:

Below are the entrance exams which conduct by collages and university for BA course admission 

BHU UETBanaras Hindu University Undergraduate Entrance Test – Banaras Hindu University public central university located in Varanasi, this university conduct BHU UET exam for admissions of undergraduate programmes for the admission graduation level student 

IPU CET: Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha Universityis one of the biggest university in india for any course where they conducts entrance test of their own which is Indraprastha University Common Entrance Test   Students who is interested to join this university can write this exam.

JSAT: Jindal Global University have their own biggest campus and tope most culture for art student and that is by they conduct Jindal Scholastic Aptitude Test -for admissions. Student who want to peruse BA course and want a best university can apply for Jindal Global University exam.

DU JAT: this exam is for those student who want to apply and joint to Delhi University as can write Delhi University Joint Admission Test for admissions into BA courses.

TISS NETTata Institute for Social Sciences National Entrance Test– This collage is one of the tom collage for the art student where Tata Institute of Social Sciences have conduct exam for admissions in any of the arts stream in Tata Institute of Social Sciences. 

Keep yourself updated with the latest news and current affairs For General Awareness, and aptitude

Date of the entrance exams:

Name of the Exam Exam Mode and Date of the Exam
DUET Date yet to be announced

Mode of examination would be online

DSAT Date of the exam is 10 September, 2023 and 16 September, 2023

Exam could be in offline or online mode

BHU UET Date yet to be announced

Examination will be in online mode

NPAT Examination would be held in 27 June, 2023, 2 July, 2023 and 4 July, 2023

Examination would be computer-based

JNUEE Date yet to be announced

Examination would be in online mode

IPU CET Exam would be held on 28 April, 2023

Mode of the examination will be in online mode

TISS BAT Date yet to be announced

Paper 1 will be in online mode and paper 2 will be in offline mode

CUCET Examination is on 28 May, 2023

Examination would be in offline mode

DUET : yet to be announced

BA Course Fees:

The normal course fees for BA course start from INR 4.500 to INR 70,000 per year The its all depend on the reputation, infrastructure and faculty of the institution, or they are government or private college or concerned as well as government and management quota.

Improve vocabulary and writing skills:  vocabulary have very important role in every field here also perform important role and this course already deal with  writing and reading activities  according to subject and curriculum always make your communication outstanding and writing skills excellent  which will give you are a plus point BA study course,

In-depth knowledge and awareness about subjects: if you study any stream or anything without interest is like tea without sugar, having attention and excitement toward subject and deep knowledge about the course will keep the student exciting and focused about the subject and can learn more about the course and every topic,

Make revision: when you revise time to time according to your scheduled you can score good marks in the final exam. For any study student should revise on regular basis and understand the topic properly. practice makes perfect to anyone and it’s a key of success  Prepare a timetable: make weekly time table to studying properly. As the BA course has so many subjects to deal with, divide different time for different subjects which will be key to understanding all the subjects and scoring good marks. Give to time Previous years exam papers to keep check your speed, catching power and  entrance exam pattern and how depth are about your topic you have to clear the exam

Best BA Colleges in India 

Below are top Best colleges in India pursue BA course

Top BA Colleges in India
Presidency College, Kolkata
St. Xavier’s College Mumbai
Lady Shree Ram College for Women, Delhi
Loyola College, Chennai
St. Xavier’s College, Calcutta
St. Stephen’s College, Delhi
Fergusson College, Pune
Presidency College, Chennai
Hindu College, Delhi
Hans Raj College, Delhi
Christ College, Bangalore
Symbiosis College, Pune
Sophia College, Mumbai
St. Xavier’s College, Ahmedabad
Miranda House, Delhi
Stella Maris College, Chennai
St. Joseph’s College, Bangalore
Jesus & Mary College, Delhi
Mount Carmel College, Bangalore
Queen Mary’s College, Chennai
Sri Venkateswara College, Delhi
Madras Christian College, Chennai
Vivekananda College, Chennai
Ramjas College, Delhi
Mithibai College, Mumbai
St. Teresa’s College, Kochi
Nizam College, Hyderabad
Sacred Heart College, Kochi
Maulana Azad College, Kolkata
Elphinstone College, Mumbai
Jyoti Nivas College, Bangalore
Lady Brabourne College, Kolkata
Maharani Arts College, Bangalore
Ethiraj College for Women, Chennai
D.G. Vaishnav College, Chennai
Scottish Church College, Kolkata
St. Mira’s College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Pune
NMKRV College for Women, Bangalore
Women’s Christian College Chennai
Jai Hind College Mumbai
Loyola Academy Degree & PG College Hyderabad
In Bangalore -National College, Basavangudi 
In Lucknow Isabella Thoburn College
Bethune College Kolkata
MOP Vaishnav College for Women, Chennai
Gokhale Memorial Girls College, Kolkata
Bhagawan Mahaveer Jain College, Bangalore
D.G. Ruparel College, Mumbai
Wilson College, Mumbai
M.S. Ramaiah Junior and Degree College, Bangalore
Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi
Regional Institute of Education, Bhubaneswar
JSS Institute of Education, Bangalore
A.G. Teachers College, Ahmedabad
In karnata Indira Gandhi B.Ed College, 
In Agartala College of Teacher Education, 
In Kozhikode College Of Teacher Education, 
In New Delhi National Council of Teacher Education, 
Mumbai K. J. Somaiya College of Education, 
Amity University Noida

BA Job Profiles

  1. After completion of BA course student who want to go for a job can go for a job option in so many different sectors and areas for successful achievement of their Bachelor of Arts course degree  Candidate have in Economist, Teaching, Historian, archaeologists, can be a Political Scientist, Theorist, Social worker , Personnel Manager and assistance, can be a specialist in psychology., NGO social worker , Logician, can be Public Relation Executive or the assistants , Broadcaster, Content writer, Teacher , Executive Assistant Operations Manager, Human Resources Manage, Graphic Designer, Operations Team Leader, Marketing Manager, Business Development Manager.

Many student go for higher education like MA course (Master of Art) in the same stream and discipline and course by which they have done their graduation. Who have interest to spread your knowledge in teaching they go for career in BEd course after completing their BA degree.

Apart from these decisions there have one of best  option where candidate can apply for government  exams after completing their BA course because syllabus of BA have already capacity to make you aware about each topic which generally ask in government exam 

Some famous job profiles that candidates can pursue after a BA course are:

  • The Content Writer (author): for the content writer just do study and research about the thing through internet or even through offline sources and create original content for the medium and firm that they are employed at study woo
  • The Social Worker (sociologist): In this job profile you can start your non-profit organisation can crest a team, and help to needy people with the problems at hand.
  • Airhostess/ Flight Steward(Aviation): In this job profile, who have interest and good communication skills for the aviation industry can go for safety and security of passengers on board an aircraft. Also can apply for an airhostess/ flight steward also serves food and refreshment to travellers in an aircraft.

 Let me know if you have any question related to BA course 

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