Best Horse Trailers Manufacturers in India

Check the Best Manufacturer Of horse trailers in india

If you own horses and want to buy a horse trailer to transport your horses from one place to another. Check our review of the Most trusted horse trailers in india.

India is a new budding country of horse lovers, Many people are importing and breeding good quality horses in India. People buy horses for passion and the Racing profession. The horse is like a family and when you own one horse, You also think to buy a good vehicle to transport.

Horse trailers are manufactured by many companies to solve the purpose of the movement of horses from one place to another.

Things to consider while purchasing a horse trailer


When it comes to construction, you have three main options for your next trailer: all steel, all aluminium or a hybrid construction process that combines both materials. By combining a steel frame with an aluminium skin on the outer walls, you will get a trailer that is not any heavier than most all-aluminium trailers of equal strength.


You have two options to pick from for your next horse trailer. Gooseneck or and bumper pull. Each has advantages and disadvantages.

A bumper pull works great for towing fewer than four horses. These models are less expensive than goosenecks and can be pulled with almost any truck that meets towing capacity requirements.


Aluminium floors that have come in contact with horse urine and manure for an extended time will corrode and rot. You must watch for the flooring above the aluminium.


Aluminium sheets covered with automotive primer and polyurethane paint will produce a high gloss. Make sure you will have graphics to give your horse trailer a timeless feel.


A straight-load trailer can give you quick access to each of your horses and usually have extra room in them for larger warmblood type horses.  Horse trailer loading type depends on the number of horses in a trailer.

In India, there is only an international company that provides the top class horse trailers with all the research of years. Bullston is manufacturing horse trailers in India and most of their products are designed in Italy.

Bullston horse Trailer

Key features of Bullston Horse trailers are as follows
  • Gas-filled shock absorbers
  • Anti-skid rubber flooring
  • LED side markers and tail lamps
  • Well designed ventilation system
  • Four-sided cushioning for extra comfort
  • Alloy wheels with tubeless tires
  • Three-layer all-weather body construction
  • Independent suspension designed for Indian roads

Best Horse Trailers Manufacturers in India

For any enquiry about horse trailers, Call Bullston at +91-9501311924 or mail them at

When you buy a horse trailer, Always think like a horse. Avoid any of the dangerous design features and always buy from the company with experience. Horse trailers in India are a new thing and Bullston is making some quality for the clients.

Bullston also makes horse floats in India with awesome feature and Design. Check one of their product in the video

In this year 2021, They launched their new horse float for expensive horses. Bullston design products based on the horse breeds and client requirements.

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