Best Indian Breakfast Recipes for Weight Loss

Here are some healthy breakfast items used by Indians:

  • Vegetable stuffed Parathas: Usually prepared by North Indians.Paratha like gopi paratha ,aloo paratha,palak paratha etc.These are a rich item which contain protein carbohydrate and fat.
  • Upma: A rich breakfast meal which can be easily prepared.This include some vegetables like carrot potato green chilli and curry leaves along with some spices.South indian usually adds grated coconut in this.
  • Idli Sambar: Its a rich healthy and delicious breakfast meal mostly used by the south indians.Its a protien rich food
  • Steamed Bananas: These are healthy food mostly take by the health conciuous people.Dieting peoples mainly have steamed banana and a glass of milk.
  • Egg Sandwhich: Boiled and some sliced vegetables along with some leafy vegetables stuffed between to toasted bread.Its good to include cheese with this.