Best job boards for software engineers

There are many job boards that are particularly popular among software engineers, including:

  1. LinkedIn: This is a professional networking site that also has a large number of job listings, making it a great resource for job seekers.
  2. Indeed: This job board aggregates job listings from many different sources, including company career websites, recruitment agencies, and other job boards.
  3. Stack Overflow: This is a popular website for software developers, and it also has a job board that is specifically targeted towards programmers.
  4. GitHub: This website is widely used by software developers for sharing and collaboration and also has a job board for developers
  5. Glassdoor: This job board focuses on giving an inside look into companies and their culture, and it also has a large number of job listings for software engineers.
  6. Hired: This is a job board that focuses on technology jobs and provide features such as interview scheduling and salary estimations.

These are some of the most popular job boards among software engineers, and they can be a good starting point for your job search. However, it is also worth checking out industry-specific job boards, depending on your area of expertise and interests.