Best Stock Market Websites For Learning

If you trade in Indian Stock Market or invest in it then this stock market website list will help you a lot to be profitable in the stock market.

The first website on our list is If you go to the superstar’s tab on this website you can check what all stocks the famous investors are buying and what all stocks they are selling. For example, over here the name on the top is Rakesh Jhunjhunwala. When you will click on his name then you will get all the information on what all stocks he has bought and sold in this quarter and in which stocks he has major holding. Not only this, if you click on the name of a stock Then you will get a brief-up of that stock about its fundamentals, promoter holdings and many other critical details. Other than that, if you go to the screener’s tab then you will find even more interesting features My favourite screener is by the name of Shareholding. In shareholding screener, you can find the stocks in which FII’s, as in, Foreign Institution investors have increased their holding or reduced Or in which stock do they have the highest holding in. You can also find those stocks here. On this website, there are many such interesting features which we couldn’t find in such detail anywhere else. So you should definitely check this website and tell us your opinion about the website in the comment section.

The second website on our list is This is one of my favourite news websites. If you come to the ‘Markets’ tabs before the market opens you will get all the details on what all things you should pay attention to after the market opens. If you scroll down on this page then you may find even more interesting data. Not only this, if you go to the top and click on the ‘Videos’ tab then you can stream Bloomberg Quint’s live channel. Again, this is one of my favourite channels for stock market news. In this channel, you can find Indian news as well as international news This website also has a paid version by the name of ‘BQ Blue Exclusive’ but you can access this for free.

Next website on our list is This is a news aggregator website. This website has a very simple function which is to gather all the top news from all the top news sources in India and show it on this page. Here you will be shown all the trending topics by default but up here are various tabs and if you click on any of these tabs then any news released within 24 hours related to the topic in the tab will be shown to you here with the release time. If you want you can read their heading quickly and if you want to read about any heading in detail then just click on that heading and you will be redirected to the source of the information. If you want you can search information on your favourite topic as well for example Reliance if you type that name here then any news related to Reliance which has been released in the last 24 hours will be shown to you here. This website is very useful to those people who like to go through news very quickly because in the stock market you have to read news quickly and you don’t have so much time that you go to individual sources one by one and read the news from there. So this is a very fast shortcut which can be used by many traders and investors

Next website on our list is BloombergQuint’s LinkedIn page. On this page, you can access many paid articles for free. When we viewed BloombergQuint’s website a while back we looked at a paid column in which there were many paid articles. You will find many paid articles from that column over here for free Next website on our list is This is one of India’s most active stock market community. You can go to this link and ask any question related to the stock market. In fact, many questions have already been asked here so you can go to the search bar and find information about your favourite topic. That topic can be anything like algo trading or quantitative trading or any topic which comes to your mind I am sure you will find the answers to that here or you can ask about it and somebody will definitely answer your query.

Next website on our list is This website is famous for those people who do fundamental research. You can go to the search bar and type in any mutual fund’s name or the name of any stock and you will get all the information related to that stock or mutual fund. For example, here we have opened Eicher Motors page and you can read the company’s financials Or it’s performance or if you want to look at anything else related to the company you can find it here. Similarly, if you open any mutual fund’s page then you can check the information related to the mutual fund like it’s a portfolio, it’s performance Or any other information. So, explore this source and tell us if you liked it or not in the comments and I’m sure you will like it

Next website on our list is This is a completely free educational website for the stock market. In this website, you can learn about anything related to the stock market like technical analysis, fundamental analysis and even about derivatives like option strategies or future strategies. You can find all the information related to the stock market here for absolutely free. So if you are new in the stock market then this is a great source to start learning about it. I will recommend you to study everything available here before investing your own real money and only once you understand everything, then only you should trade or invest with your real money.

Next website on our list is On this link, you will find stock market’s free charts where you can apply technical analysis and these charts are one of the best in the industry Not only this if you wish to do paper trading, meaning, if you want to trade with virtual money then that option is also available. This is the only paper trading platform available in India where you can trade in the live market in real-time. You are given a capital of 1 Lakh rupees by default and you can trade in the live market. On other platforms, either the data is delayed or comes only once in a day but these platforms work as a real broker platform. In this platform, you can buy and sell only when the market is live. You can’t buy or sell when the market is closed just like how it happens in the real world. So, this a great practice platform before you invest your real money. If you explore this source more you will find many interesting features.

Next on our list is Through this website you can set alerts for free. You can set alerts for any stocks, futures or options. So, if you have to go somewhere because of work and you wish to get an alert whenever a stock comes to a certain price, then you can utilize this website and the best part is – it’s free! Here you can set alerts for any stock or their future’s or even for options I personally use this website a lot because I can’t keep sitting in front of the stock market I have a lot of other work throughout the day. So, if you do trading, investing and are also busy with other work then this website is going to be very useful for you.

Next website on our list is This is one of the most advanced screeners in India. If you do intraday trading then you would know that speed has a vital role and you have to quickly find out the stocks which are making a trade according to your strategy. So, for this purpose, I use the screener of Tradingview where you find amazing filters. I personally love this screener a lot and I use it every day. I am also sure that if you use this screener then you will like it too. So, do tell us in the comments if you liked it or not

Next website on our list is This is basically an option’s related website. On this website, many features are paid but there are 1 or 2 good features which are absolutely free. One such feature is option chain Generally, the people who check the option chain from NSE’s website, there you see a lot of numbers and I have to pay close attention after reading the numbers to see what’s happening but on this website, you can see it in a visual form as to how much open interest is there on particular calls or puts. For example, as you can see in this column the open interest is higher than put and this can be clearly understood visually. So, I use this website to see the options chain visually and it’s completely free. So, if you do option’s trading then I highly recommend you to use this link and not NSE website.

Next website on our list is If you wish to do research in any sector, then this is one of the best websites in India. On this website, go to the industry column and click on whichever sector you want to do research on For example if you wish to research on IT sector then click on IT and you will most probably find all the information related to IT. Similarly, you can get different information by clicking on different columns. This website is extremely useful for those who follow fundamental analysis. Next website on our list is This website is also very useful for fundamental analyst. If you go to the search bar and type any company’s name, you will get all the information about it. Whether it’s the balance sheet or the PnL statement or any ratio, you can find it here very easily and it is free. So, click the link and see if this website is useful to you or not.

Next Website on our list is Those who do fundamental analysis would know the importance of conference calls to understand a company’s internals. and generally, for conference calls, you have to search for it on every company’s individual website. So, this a website where you can find every company’s quarter’s conference calls. Generally, our fundamental analysis team use this website to go through all conference calls. Just search for a company’s name and you will find it’s a conference call.

The last website on our list is If you are a Technical Analyst, then you know the relevance of charts. So, this is a website where you can access charts for free forever. On this website, you can find both basic and advanced charts. So this was our top 15 stock market’s website list.

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