Biotique Bio coconut whitening and brightening cream review

Detailed Biotique Bio coconut whitening and brightening cream review with Video and product details

Bio Coconut Luxurious Cream is blended with extracts of pure virgin coconut, dandelion and manjishtha to fade away dark spots and blemishes. With regular use, skin is noticeably fairer, smoother and brighter.This blend helps in fading dark spots and blemishes, and protects the inner skin from melanin. When the cream is used regularly, it works on the layers of the skin, softens blemishes, visibly reduces the areas affected with dark spots, and makes the skin supple, smooth, and bright. The product contains coconut water, dudhal, nimba kamla, badam tail, and cream base Q.S. The ingredients are natural extracts from plant stems and leaves. It is an ayurvedic product made of 100% natural ingredients and is suitable for all skin types.

Some user reviews of Biotique Bio coconut whitening and brightening cream ( Taken from E Commerce Websites )

1. I have been regularly using this creme for over three years now. It has lightened and brightened my skin. Thanks to bioteque for making such products

2. Although the product is okay but it is not for those with oily skin. May be people with oily skin can use it in winters but a big NO for summers. You will get excessive sweating within just one minute of application. I dont really understand, why it has mentioned that this product is for ALL SKIN TYPES!? A BIG THUMBS DOWN from oily skin perspective.