Certified Public Accountant: How to Become a CPA in the US?

The steps to becoming a CPA are the same for US and international candidates. However, the process for international candidates is often quite complicated, because their education may not fit exactly what is required by the state board. It could also be difficult to fulfil the working experience requirement, such as the need to work under a US CPA. Despite these obstacles, around 9,000 candidates living and working outside of the US successfully sit for the CPA exam every year. Many of them move on to obtain the license and become respected accounting professionals in multinational corporations, global public accounting firms and important governmental agencies in their respective countries.

Now, it’s your turn to replicate their success. Here are the 7 steps for you to become a CPA: First, understand the CPA exam and license requirements for international candidates, and determine whether you are eligible. Second, estimate and budget the exam expenses. Third, select a state board and apply. Fourth, submit transcript or mark sheets to foreign credential evaluation agencies. Fifth, schedule the exam through Prometric centre. Sixth, pick a review course, then study and pass the exam. And lastly, fulfil the experience requirements and become a CPA.