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T.R. Knight suppressed his sexuality for a long time until an unfortunate occurrence in 2006 revealed him to be homosexual. However, he has had an undoubtedly better life after coming out in the closet. His coming-out tale wasn’t all that bad. And he has been happily married to his spouse Patrick Leahy for about a decade.

The Coming Out Story of T.R. Knight

Grey’s Anatomy cast members in 2006 included Knight, Isaiah Washington, and Patrick Dempsey. They’d be having a late-night shoot for the program on October 9, 2006. However, when Dempsey was late for the shoot and everyone, including Washington, had to wait for him. It seemed rude of Dempsey to do so, according to Washington. This erupted into a battle in which Washington physically warned Dempsey not to speak to him in the same way he did to Knight. He also used a homophobic term to refer to Knight.

After other individuals interfered, the situation calmed down. However, the event was leaked to the public, sparking allegations that Knight was homosexual. This had had a significant impact on his life since he had not come out to his family until then. As a result, when the specifics of the event became public, his family was aware of his sexual orientation. Following that, he thought it was necessary to discuss his perspective. As a result, on October 19, 2006, he officially admitted to People magazine that he was homosexual.

He wanted to put an end to unfounded allegations about him and be upfront and honest about his sexual orientation. He did, however, admit that he still prefers to keep his personal life private. “While I want to keep my personal life private, I hope that being homosexual isn’t the most intriguing aspect of me,” he stated in a statement. Shortly after this event, Washington was sacked from the program. Despite the circumstances surrounding his coming out, he did not find it difficult. During an interview with HuffPost in March 2016, he noted, “I’m blessed that it wasn’t harmful to me,” while also acknowledging that it is “not easy” nevertheless and that some individuals have it harder than others due to persecution and ostracism. However, he believed that it was preferable if everyone was loyal to themselves. He found “power” in being honest with himself, and he believed the community would be stronger if everyone felt the same way.

T.R. Knight’s Relationship with Husband Patrick Leahy

Later in the same interview, Knight expressed gratitude for being able to officially marry his spouse, Leahy. “It’s fantastic to be able to wear this and have it be legal,” he remarked, referring to his wedding band. According to the Daily Mail, Knight and Leahy began dating in 2010 and made their relationship public the same year. The Grey’s Anatomy star then married his now-husband three years later. On October 4, 2013, they married in a quiet ceremony in Upstate New York. Only his closest relatives and friends, including Grey’s Anatomy, co-stars Katherine Heigl and Kate Walsh, were there.

In 2022, they celebrated their eighth anniversary. In a joyous tweet, Knight extended his appreciation to his friend Marylouise Burke, who conducted their wedding. “Eight years of thanks for those who battled to make it possible, of hope for those who still don’t have the right… and we commemorate the memories of those who never had the opportunity,” he said in the post.

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