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If you’re a long-time fan of Taiwanese actress Barbie Hsu, you’ll be overjoyed by this news. According to the latest reports, months after divorcing Chinese millionaire Wang Xiaofei, the actress has decided to remarry. Yes, you read that correctly: the actress has announced her engagement. Koo Jun Yup, a South Korean artist and DJ, surprised his fans by announcing his marriage on Instagram on Tuesday, March 8, 2022. For the supporters of both major individuals, this announcement brought joy as well as a startling surprise.

Barbie Hsu and DJ Koo Jun Yup Marriage

Hsu herself re-posted the post on her own account. “We tied the knot!!!” In the caption, Koo Jun Yup shared a brief anecdote about how they met and how their love affair began. According to a translation published by an online article on, Koo Jun Yup allegedly revealed that he learned about Hsu’s divorce and immediately searched for her phone number in order to contact her.

Fortunately, everything was still the same as it had been 20 years before, allowing them to reconnect. “We are at an age when we can’t squander our time idly,” he explained, “so I recommended we be married, and she agreed, so we will be living together after we register our wedding.” Please accept my heartfelt congratulations on my late marriage.”

Barbie Hsu and DJ Koo Jun Yup Instagram

The news of Hsu’s marriage came as a shock to the entertainment world and her fans, as she had been seeking to maintain a low profile after her recent divorce. Hsu, better known by her stage as “Big S,” filed for divorce from Chinese billionaire Wang Xiaofei in November of last year, following ten years of marriage.

DJ Koo is a South Korean disc jockey and singer who rose to prominence in the early 1990s and continues to have a significant impact on the K-pop industry today. Hsu and the 52-year-old Korean singer dated for 24 years. In the year 1998, Koo met Hsu backstage on one of his musical tours to Taiwan. The two started dating while learning each other’s languages and learning about the contrasts in Korean and Taiwanese society.

Barbie Hsu and DJ Koo Jun Yup Relationship

Their one-year engagement abruptly ended after Koo’s talent agency urged him to officially reject his relationship with Hsu in the wake of media reports, according to the news outlet. On Tuesday, Hsu announced the news on her Facebook page, writing, “Life is full of uncertainties,” and then adding, “I treasure every wonderful moment and am glad for whatever occurs.”

Barbie Hsu, a Taiwanese actress, is making the rounds on the internet, and her resignation is hilarious. Her fans have taken to the internet in order to find out why she is making the rounds on the internet, so all you have to do is stay glued to us and you will receive all the necessary information. Let’s not spend any more time and get down to business with the blog below.

Who are Barbie Hsu and DJ Koo Jun Yup?

There is some news about her, including the fact that she has remarried, and we will be enjoying the divorcing Chinese millionaire Wang Xiaofei in less than three months. Her admirers are now ecstatic, and they want to know her new husband’s name and other facts.

His current boyfriend is a 45-year-old South Korean musician named DJ Koo, who is also known as Koo Jun-yup. According to his bio, he was a member of the Clon dance music duo from South Korea in the 1990s, which was the most popular at the time. Koo and Hsu have been together for almost two decades.

Is Barbie Hsu and DJ Koo Jun Yup Married?

Koo created an official Instagram page, and on it, he made an announcement concerning both Korean and Chinese celebrities, as well as the tagged Hsu. He had been dreading the divorce until he eventually reached out to her.

“We are set to be wedded to each other,” he continues. And it’s the same way that my partner, who has been with me for the past 20 years, has a destiny with me; this is love, and we want to cherish it and are even curious to prolong it. When I found out she was getting divorced, I looked up her phone number from almost 20 years ago and called her. I was overjoyed that her phone number had not changed, and that this was how we reconnected. We’d been missing one other a lot, so instead of wasting time, I quickly proposed to her, and she ultimately accepted.”

In November 2021, Hsu announced her divorce from Wang, over ten years after they married. “Korean variety programme in 2010,” Koo added, “was the one when they met each other and it was a concert in Taiwan.”

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