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Male grooming is not a very recent affair that can be magnified. Dig up the history of us humans, the archaic version is itself evidence. Well, it all started when men found a solution to remove whiskers from their faces by using hinged shells. Guess it was there somewhere in the foliage! Any which way the growth of grooming in men did not stop.

Later the gay community became the first to adopt men grooming during the 1970s. After that in no time, we found no man who was not aware of grooming. More recently, few factors were found intact behind burgeon addiction, climate change and advanced global competition of looks turn the number of grooming awareness very high.

It is now not an undisclosed fact that people are more conscious or rather anxious about how they look. So let us guide you from head-to-toe with a few men grooming products, which you need to own.

We have listed every product under 1500 INR.

Products for men face care

 Your face is the first thing that comes under notice so don’t you think you should also give extra attention to it?

Also, with the increase of global warming, the social pressure of an ideal personality and easy access to celebrity luxurious lifestyles, we tend to become more worried about our looks. The question is should we consider grooming a luxury or a need?

We come through this perplexity, many times so we simply like to say YOU SHOULD TAKE CARE OF YOUR SKIN OTHERWISE also no matter if you are a guy or a girl.

THE MAN COMPANY Cleanse & Moisturize Pack (Charcoal Facewash + Charcoal Scrub + Moisturizing Cream)

This really amazing set of ‘The Man Company’ is a perfect combo pack contains:

  • Charcoal Face Scrub
  • Charcoal Face Wash
  • Shea Butter Moisturizing Cream

Charcoal helps in pulling out oil and dirt from the face and give your skin a supple look. This combo will take care of your skin and keep it far away from the filth.

Sunscreen to keep the men groomed

Using sunscreen is an essential part of grooming, especially when you step out of your home every day. It is advisable to use a sunscreen with an SPF level above 30. SPF simply means sun protection factor, it is the number of protection provided by it against ultraviolet radiation.

It not only protects your skin from harmful UV rays, but it also works as a protector against all other harmful air pollutants.

Make it a habit of putting it every time before you step out of your home.  You will be thankful for using it later in your life.

Ustraa Face Wash – Oily Skin (Checks Acne & Oil Control) – 100gm and Ustraa Sunscreen SPF 50+ 100gm

Ustraa, the brand itself stands for quality. This UVA & UVB protection sunscreen with SPF 50+ has a long-lasting effect. It leaves no white layer on the skin and smells really pleasant. This Ustraa pack comes with an oil control face wash, so hurry now & buy this amazing pack.

The Man Company Water Resistant Sunscreen Lotion 40+ SPF PA+++, 59 ml

This oil-free and nongreasy sunscreen lotion from ‘The man company’ is water-resistant and supple. Its 40+ SPF PA+++ is designed for normal skin. It is sulfate and paraben-free. Nourishes your skin, just like it should.

Beard Care and combos for the Gentlemen 

 They say what is to be crazy about beard and hair, we say ask a man. We know how it is difficult for you to tackle your hair and beard problems. Some are worried about their hair loss and some about their beard slow growth. We have listed a few products for you which can solve almost all your related problems. Just give these grooming products a try!

MEN DESERVE BEARD & HAIR GROWTH OIL/beard growth oil for men (Basil Hairy Root Extract) – (50ml)

This beard and hair oil is extracted from pure natural oils which helps in boosting your hair growth. It prevents dandruff, split ends and beard-druff and ensures healthier and thicker hair growth. It also gives relief from dry and scratchy hair.

Ustraa Men’s Cleanup Kit (Neem & Charcoal Facewash, Charcoal Face Scrub, Cologne Ammunition), Free Keychain and Toiletry Kit Bag

This perfect Ustraa pack contains a Charcoal Face Scrub, Cologne Ammunition, Charcoal & Neem Face wash. In short, everything that a man needs to be well-groomed. Each product is made up of natural ingredients and would help you in correcting damages. It comes with a carry bag, so you can take this essential kit everywhere you go.

L’Oreal Paris Men Expert Barber Club, Beard + Face + Hair, 3-In-1 Wash, 200ml with Short Beard and Face Moisturizer, 50ml

One product and 3 benefits. The L’Oreal Paris Men Expert Barber Club offers beard, face and hair wash in a single bottle with a mini beard and face moisturizer. The L’Oreal men expert is the perfect male grooming product. It is a true value pack.

Men Shaving Products

Just cleaning your facial hair is not enough, extra care would give you no harm. There are a number of men’s shaving products that you can use, but we have compiled a few popular products which can perhaps add extra velocity to your amazing-ness. Have a look.

Bombay Shaving Company Post-Shave Balm, After-Shave with Witch Hazel, 0% Alcohol, 2 x 100 g (Value Pack of 2)

It is very important to choose the right post-shave balm for you. This balm from Bombay Shaving Company anti-irritant and alcohol-free which pleases the skin after its use and improves redness aftershave. It maintains the oil balance and cools down the area really fast. The presence of natural ingredients and its signature fragrance makes it keeps it more in demand. This pack of two is worth keeping.

The Man Company Post Shave Lotion for after Shave- Jojoba & Mint (50ml)

The Man Company product is the one that stands in the elite group.  Its 100% presence of natural oil gives it a quality mark. It brightens skin and restores the oil that is lost during shaving. It also calms the skin and moisturizes it. The acne preventing formula also makes it different from others.

Kama Ayurveda Shaving Foam, 150ml

This perfect shaving foam from Kama Ayurveda gives your skin a very natural boost. It is soft, subtle yet effective on the skin.  It makes your skin healthier and smoother. It also works as a natural antiseptic to repair skin damage. The products are approved by dermatologists and shaving experts. The most countable point is that it is suitable for all skin types. So enjoy shaving with the assured quality products. It protects the skin perfectly well and prevents redness. So do we need anything better?

Hair oil 

Humans are one of the most perfectly designed mammals apart from Red Pandas (I guess). Each part of our body has its own value. The point is- just like you think other body parts are important; the same way our hair is also a very important part, only except if you like a shiny bald head. So, if you are worried about your hair quality or quantity then you are in the right place. People should add this hair oil in the male grooming product list!

Luxura Sciences Onion Hair Oil 250 ml with 14 Essential Oils

Onion is said to be one of the most important elements of hair. It is like the herb that holds the power of healing almost all the hair issues. This organic onion oil from Luxura Sciences is one of the best and organic hair oil that is made up of 14 essential oils. This means it is time to stop your research for perfect hair oil. This one would absolutely take care of your hair.

Don’t just spend time in your own fashion & beauty. This day, let’s also pledge to stay fit, physically & mentally.

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