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An assassination attempt on a hockey coach was foiled in 2007 when a convicted fraudster, David Novak, was accused with recruiting a contract killer to carry out the assassination. The following are the specifics to be aware of.

Just hours after the guy who offered to bankroll his $1.9 million documentaries about life in federal prison was viciously shot in the parking lot of a Sandy Village Inn, David Novak left Utah for the first time.

Novak, according to the partner of homicide victim Kenneth Dolezsar, was the mastermind behind her husband’s execution and was responsible for his death.

In a similar vein, she claimed in a grievance filed with the Third District Court that Novak hired Eugene Christopher Wright $25,000 to murder her husband.

David Novak

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In 1996, David Novak was convicted of mail fraud and sending false misery alerts, according to sources. He was sentenced to prison for two years.

In a similar vein, he was sentenced to prison for faking his own death in a plane crash, in accordance with the plea of a Sandy police officer who testified throughout Wright’s courtroom trial.

According to the investigations, Novak did not pretend his death, but rather abandoned the plane because it required a brand new engine, following which he filed a fictitious insurance coverage declaration.

Furthermore, Novak was imprisoned for a year in a correctional centre in Florida. He then went on to produce an e-book on his experiences in the field and establish a consulting firm for white-collar criminals on the edge of going to prison in the process.

Eugene Christopher Wright has been convicted of the Kenneth Dolezsar homicide and sentenced to twenty years in prison for life.

David Novak was arrested and charged with the murder of Ken Dolezsar.

According to the lawsuit, David Novak, a former felon who later became a white-collar criminal counsellor, had been marketing his services to Kenneth Dolezsar for several months prior to his death.

In exchange for $1.9 million, according to reports, Novak promised Dolezsar, a hockey coach at Utah Valley State College, that his spouse’s 27-month prison term for tax cheating might be shortened in exchange for $1.9 million.

In a similar vein, according to the lawsuit, the money that Novak was meant to use to partially fund a documentary titled “Downtime” was instead spent on other things. The film was intended to serve as a source of information for people who were going to be sentenced to a correctional facility.

Novak was arrested and charged with employing a contract killer to homicide Kenneth Dolezsar, according to the charges filed against him. Online sites, on the other hand, have provided full information on his rates as well as the specifics of his arrest.

WHAT?! Is it true that the jury found him to be responsible? It’s a little concerning that David Novak is involved.

David Novak’s Age: Where Is He Now?

On the basis of his image, David Novak’s current age would most likely lie anywhere between mid- to late-fifties. The next quantity, on the other hand, is merely a guess, as his age and the date of his birth have yet to be established.

Novak’s location are unknown at this time, and no such information is publicly available about him. He could be facing the prospect of a prison sentence at any moment now.

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