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Jason Isaacs has been clean for 23 years. He began his abstinence in 1998 and has maintained it ever since. It wasn’t, however, the only achievement. His wife, Emma Hewitt, had a significant influence on his well-being and who he is now. Isaacs has stated this on several occasions and often expresses gratitude for her presence.

Jason Isaacs’ Wife Remains by His Side

Isaacs began drinking when he was 12 years old. His first drunken experience was not nice; he drank with a 14-year-old companion at a wedding, vomited up, kissed a girl, stumbled, fell, and “smashed [his] skull open on the sidewalk,” putting blood all over his clothing. Despite his terror, he found something appealing about the event. So he resumed his practice. He continued to do so for another 20 years before ultimately ceasing. Isaacs met his wife at the Central School of Speech and Drama, and they married in 1987. As he battled drug addiction, he pulled her along on the trip.

He had been with his girlfriend for almost 10 years until he finally accepted sobriety in its totality on October 5, 1998. She remained by his side while he went about his business, typically out of his brain. When he became clean, Hewitt asked if they could acquire a home, have children, and go on with their life. Isaacs was amazed that she still wanted to be with him. “I’ve only just met you. What are you on about?” Isaacs informed Hewitt. He felt like he’d just been born, and he wanted to reconnect with her. “We’ll have to see how we get along. If we like one other’s company. You’ve never gotten a straight answer from me “he said to her. And, despite the fact that he feared it would be the end of their relationship, Hewitt consented. After that, he inquired as to why. In answer, his wife said that she “always knew” him. She admired both who he was and who he may become in the future.

Inside Jason Isaacs and Wife’s Marriage

Isaacs and Hewitt’s romance began with a kiss, which he regarded as the finest kiss he’d ever had. “33 years ago today on Halloween, behind a Venetian blind, to the terror and bemusement of all of our friends, this girl kissed me,” wrote the Harry Potter star in a Halloween post in 2022 about the kiss. He couldn’t believe she still did and discussed how they worked things out through thick and thin.

According to his Wikipedia page, they married in 2001. In 2014, though, he argued differently. Even before they married, Isaacs and Hewitt referred to themselves as husband and wife. In a 2004 interview, the actor said that they were not married but called themselves husband and wife because they did not want others to think they were strange. Nonetheless, he proposed, and she accepted. But every time they planned a wedding, he acquired a job and it had to be rescheduled. Lily (born in 2002) and Ruby (born in 2004) are the couple’s two children (born in 2005). Isaacs said in the same 2004 interview that he wishes he had children sooner. He thought having a family was the finest thing he’d ever done “by far,” and that parenthood had transformed him for the better.

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