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Although many individuals are aware of YouTube and YouTubers, the term Virtual YouTuber (VTuber) may be unfamiliar to many. It has been around for a while, with most VTubers catering to Japanese audiences.

VTubers are online creators who use a virtual avatar rather than displaying their true faces. This virtual avatar serves as the channel’s face, and these anime-style avatars play games on Livestream, interact with their admirers, and participate in viral trends.

In recent years, the popularity of VTubing has skyrocketed, and as a result, these VTubers have amassed a sizable fan base. Ironmouse is one of the more well-known VTubers. She began broadcasting on various platforms in 2017, but has only been on Twitch since 2019.

Ironmouse spends most of her time playing video games such as Among Us, Minecraft, and Rust. She frequently interacts with her audience and, on rare instances, streams horror games.

Fans have frequently inquired about her appearance, and many have even requested that she perform a face reveal.

Unfortunately, as much as fans are curious, Ironmouse has not done a face reveal.

Did Ironmouse Reveal His Face?

Ironmouse has yet to disclose his face, despite the fact that fans are clamoring for it. Some online users have claimed to have observed her resembling fellow streamer Connor Marc Colquhoun.

Colquhoun, also known as CDawgVA on YouTube, is a Welsh YouTuber and voice actor based in Tokyo. He posted a video titled ‘Ironmouse Showed Me Her Face’ to his YouTube channel, ConnorDawg.

The title implied that Ironmouse had performed some sort of facial reveal. The Welsh content maker dressed up as the female VTuber in the ten-minute film. About halfway through the video, Colquhoun mentioned that he recognized her and thought she was cute.

During the shared feed, admirers who wanted to see the VTuber’s face begged the Wales native to describe it, but he refused. The video’s eagerly anticipated face reveal doesn’t disclose much as the two engage in casual banter. Some viewers even speculated that Colquhoun was the female streamer in the comment area.

Others were irritated by the video’s clickbait title.

Ironmouse has reached 100,000 subscribers

It is unknown when viewers will see the real face, but Ironmouse just made headlines for surpassing 100,000 members.

According to Dexerto, the VTuber was one of the first female Twitch streamers to reach 100,000 subscribers. Because her February subathon is still going on, the figure is certain to rise.

A subathon, for those who are unfamiliar, is when a streamer intends to keep their audience amused for days on end. The subathon begins with 24 hours on the clock, but when viewers donate subs, more time is added to the clock.

Creators will end their stream when the timer reaches zero. Ironmouse has 104,049 subscribers at the time of writing, thanks to a method pioneered by YouTube broadcaster Ludwig.

“Thank you all very much for coming. I feel like I’m saying the same thing over and again, but I honestly don’t know what to say. I’m taken aback, humbled, and honored. Thank you very much for all of your love and support “

According to the VTuber.

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