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‘Heart Shot,’ a short film directed by Marielle Woods and available on Netflix, is a drama thriller. It is centred on the love tale of two adolescent girls, Nikki and Sam, who meet on the internet. The young lovers, anticipating the opportunity to spend two days alone together while Sam’s family is away, begin talking about their future plans and ambitions right away. Their euphoria, however, is short-lived when Nikki’s dark history catches up with her. The film, which stars Elena Heuzé and Nia Sondaya, has received a great deal of praise for its gripping storyline and realistic portrayal of the characters. Many scenes in the film ‘Heart Shot’ leave the audience wondering if the storey is based on genuine events or not. Find out if this is the case or not by checking out the video below.

Heart Shot

Is Heart Shot a True Story?

No, the film ‘Heart Shot’ is not based on a genuine storey. It is based on a script written by Lauren Ludwig and Marielle Woods, who also directed the film. The film, on the other hand, is most likely influenced by a large number of real-life occurrences of crimes against LGTBTQ+ individuals. Furthermore, it illustrates the challenge of concealing one’s sexual orientation from one’s family, as well as the pain of toxic sibling and parent-child dynamics on a person’s choices and future in the film.

Another important issue explored in the film is the dreams and aspirations of young adults, as well as the numerous layers of teenage love and lesbian relationships that can be found in real life. There have been a number of films that have dealt with comparable subjects, including ‘Elisa & Marcela,’ which is based on the true storey of the first lesbian couple to be married in Spain. Despite being a romantic comedy with a gay male protagonist, ‘Love, Simon’ is a film that speaks to the hardships encountered by the LGBTQ+ community as well as the bittersweet experience of first love, much like ‘Heart Shot,’ which was released the same year.

‘Call Me by Your Name’ is yet another film that digs into a teenager’s first exploration of love and sexuality, and it’s a good one. Aside from that, films such as ‘Enola Holmes’ and ‘Wildlike’ depict teenage runaways who flee their traumatic pasts or intimidating families, as shown in ‘Enola Holmes’ and ‘Wildlike.’ Nikki’s condition with her violent family has a striking resemblance to the events of these films. As a result, despite the fact that ‘Heart Shot’ is not based on a true tale, the film seems raw and real because to its captivating storytelling and flawed characters.

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