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Julie Bowen featured on Modern Family for 11 years, earning her a flurry of Emmy awards and widespread acclaim. However, as time passed, fans observed she began to appear different and assumed that she had undergone plastic surgery.

Plastic Surgery and Julie Bowen

People observed a distinct difference in Bowen’s appearance before and after the premiere of Modern Family. They suspected she’d undergone plastic surgery, but she explained that her pregnancy had changed her appearance.

Julie Bowen

According to the New York Daily News, she discussed it in the book Modern Family: The Untold Story of One of Television’s Pioneering Sitcoms. Bowen was approximately eight months pregnant when the pilot was shot.

The actress explained.

“My face was swollen. I had a lot of hair and looked like I’d had lip injections because my lips were so puffy. “And I had these enormous boobs that were horrifying,”

She also stated that she went online and read the rumors before enforcing the “no Google rule.” Bowen’s pregnancy belly was disguised in the series because her character wasn’t having another child.

Julie Bowen Has No Intentions of Having Plastic Surgery

The actress denied going under the knife and stated that she has no plans to do so in the future. Bowen added that as a prominent figure, she is often photographed, thus she would never get plastic surgery.

She claimed that others would see the difference straight away, which was reason enough for her to avoid the surgeons.

“I’m not sure I could endure that kind of [scrutiny].” I’m not sure I’d be comfortable with it. But, as Bowen told ABC News, “never say never.”

Instead, the actress stated that she concentrated on skincare. She’s also learned to love her physique, which she claims has transformed as a result of her two pregnancies.

When it comes to confidence, Bowen feels wonderful after going for a run or spending the day at the beach.

Julie Bowen Has Undergone Botox Treatment

Despite the fact that the Modern Family star has never done any work and has no intentions to do so in the future, she has admitted to undergoing laser therapy. During an interview with Health in September 2012, the star revealed that she’d had laser therapy and would pursue Fraxel laser skin resurfacing as well.

“I’ve had lasers directed at my face, and I’d like to do Fraxel the deep one where you go undercover for like a month because you look dreadful,” Bowen told the magazine, amazed at the anti-aging results of the therapy.

She also stated that she thought it was strange that individuals transformed their appearance to resemble wild Hollywood faces. But the actress insisted that she would not pass judgment on anyone because she has been in their position previously.

Life & Style stated in 2016 that the actress had most likely received Botox. Bowen’s sagging smile led expert Jennifer Leebow of the LABB to think she had Botox gone wrong, according to the publication.

Meanwhile, the actress has made no mention of undergoing Botox, so no one knows for certain.

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