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In January 2014, a cherished granny was found brutally killed in her home. Following Peggy Nadell’s terrible death, officials were on the hunt for those responsible. NBC News’ ‘Dateline: The Evil to Come’ investigates the circumstances surrounding Peggy’s death and how the authorities discovered a horrific murder-for-hire scheme perpetrated by someone within the family. So, let’s find out more about what happened, shall we?

Peggy Nadell

What Caused Peggy Nadell’s Death?

Peggy was a native of Brooklyn, New York, and was regarded as one of the group’s most active members. She has two children, James and Susanne, with Robert Nadell, who died in 2003. Peggy used to work at IBM but had left the company roughly 20 years before the incident. Aside from being a well-known figure in her hometown, the 80-year-old was a Democratic Party member who was passionate about environmental issues and women’s rights.

Susanne dropped by Peggy’s home in Valley Cottage on January 25, 2014, after not hearing from her mother in a long time. Peggy was discovered lifeless at the foot of the steps inside the house, which was the nervous daughter’s greatest nightmare come true. She’d been bludgeoned to death, stabbed in the chest, and strangled. Everyone was devastated by the crime’s heinous character.

Who Killed Peggy Nadell?

On the site, the authorities found no signs of forced entry, and nothing was missing. This suggested Peggy had most likely let someone inside the house, and the reason could have been personal. The authorities, on the other hand, didn’t make much progress in the case until proof led them to Diana Nadell. She was James’ wife and Peggy’s daughter-in-law at the time, and she lived in Florida.

During questioning, Diana revealed that she was in Maryland for a wedding at the time of the homicide. However, as the police investigated more, they discovered evidence that appeared to link Diana in the crime. Peggy and James had two children, and she loved spending time with them. Diana, on the other hand, exploited them to “extort monies from Peggy, knowing it would destroy Peggy if she couldn’t see or contact them,” as Susanne put it. Susanne stated that Diana refused to allow Peggy see the kids unless she paid them money.

Soon after, the authorities learned of a cold-blooded murder-for-hire scheme involving Diana. She had bribed a relative, Otis Grant, to help her find someone to carry out the assassination. Andrea Benson was the result of this, and Diana travelled all the way down to Washington, DC to meet her. After that, the two drove all the way down to Peggy’s house and persuaded themselves to enter. Andrea choked Peggy inside, while Diana stabbed and struck her in the head.

To hide her tracks, Diana left her phone with a woman called Tanisha Joyner in Washington, DC. Diana’s plot was revealed as a result of the others involved cooperating with the authorities. The investigators assumed she was motivated by money, as James stood to inherit half of Peggy’s $4 million estate when she died. Andrea and Diana pleaded guilty to the homicide in 2015 and were sentenced to lengthy prison terms.

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