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Rob Brydon isn’t hesitant about talking about his affection for his family in public. He was, however, unwilling to discuss his divorce from his first wife until much later. Having said that, his present wife, TV producer Clare Holland, isn’t a fan of the spotlight.

Rob Brydon on Doing P&O Cruises Commercials

Brydon’s wife came up when he was asked whether he had any reservations about performing the P&O Cruises commercials, to which he said that he did.

“Those cruises aren’t going to sell themselves,” he thought before explaining how he kept his worries to himself. “I go ahead of it with a joke to deflect it.” That is most likely correct.”

He went on to say that when he signed up for those advertisements, he had no idea that people would assume he was on the trip in person and that the lady portraying his wife was his genuine wife. “I can understand why people might… but it never occurred to me,” he said.

Rob Brydon’s Wife Stays Out of the Public Eye

While discussing the matter, Brydon confessed that his wife was not one to seek the spotlight. As she tells me, she still plays the lottery since winning it would be a new start for us both. He further mentioned that his wife, although being in the entertainment world, desired a new start in life. Aside from her dislike of the spotlight, Holland seems to be enjoying marital happiness with Brydon, whom she married in 2006. Brydon and Holland originally met in 2002, when she was working on The South Bank Show. The pair is now residing in Twickenham’s affluent Strawberry Hill area. They have two boys, Tom and George, from their marriage. From his former marriage to Martina Fitchie, he has three additional children: Katie, Amy, and Harry.

Rob Brydon’s First Divorce

In that regard, Brydon and his first wife divorced in 2000, and their divorce was formalized in 2001, according to Dailymail. The same source quoted an interview with The Times, in which he spoke up about his divorce 16 years later. To the burning topic of why the two of them separated, he replied: “Marriage saps your enthusiasm. However, you cannot have it all.” He also said that his marriage had been a very difficult experience for him. “I’d want to know what could be more horrific than that,” he said, his voice fading.

Despite the evident pain he had experienced, he was cautious about speaking openly about it to the press. He minimized the whole issue around the divorce and his response to it, in his words, in order to avoid media from “asking unpleasant questions.” However, the marriage did not collapse due to a lack of effort. But, in the end, he admitted that he and Fitchie both desired the divorce. “We had three children, so of course, I saw it as a bloody failure,” he said. When the dust cleared, the actor was just pleased that all of his children got along and saw each other as brothers and sisters.

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