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“Some days were difficult, but every day was more than worthwhile,” actor Anthony Ramos said of coming to terms with his Puerto Rican heritage.

During his early years, Ramos had to make do with what he had, sleeping on leaking air mattresses and pull-out beds until couch-surfing his senior year of high school.

He was starving, both literally and metaphorically. He longed to live a life free of poverty, and a Mcdonald’s was admittedly on his wish list.

Sara Steinweiss, his high school’s musical theater director, assisted him in obtaining a position at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy.

While in the school, attempting to catch up to his friends’ experience and institutional knowledge, he was presented a pitch that was openly contemptuous of his heritage and identity.

Anthony Ramos was asked to leave his ethnicity at the door

“People used to tell me that if you grow your hair out and talk in American Standard, you might be more racially ambiguous,” he said in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter. “You won’t be in the ‘Latino box,’” says the narrator.

He, too, used to believe that his race was a barrier, a stumbling block, a small glass ceiling. He thought that being a Latino was his superpower in retrospect since it was who he was.

In the rearview mirror, though, life appears to be very different.

Ramos refused to budge after being placed in the so-called “box” for a period of time.

I don’t want to get employed because of my ambiguity. I want to be recruited for who I am, not what I do.

Years passed before he fully accepted his nationality and identity, proudly waving the Puerto Rican flag. The cast of Hamilton went on to win the Grammy Award for best musical theater CD not long after. While many people’s imaginations of a paradise are opulent and rent-free, the fact is that the “box” did exist.

Anthony Ramos Almost Abandoned

Ramos continued to struggle to book jobs, and by the time he was in his last semester, in 2011, he was depressed.

Call it a plot twist or a stroke of luck! He also had a chance to see In the Heights during its last weeks on Broadway around the same time.

Seeing a Latino cast onstage was enough to keep him from quitting.

He confessed that the next year was difficult, with large intervals between difficult engagements – local events with unreliable payment, nonunion national tours, and cruise ship appearances.

He earned two significant parts in Hamilton, one as Hamilton’s son and the other as one of his buddies.

His brilliance was eventually recognized. He was proud of his ethnicity and nationality.

Parents And Family Of Anthony Ramos

Anthony Ramos was born to his mother, Mildred Ramos, but the identity of his second parent is unknown to the general world. Mario Martinez, his elder brother, and Stephanie Ramos, his younger sister, grew up with him.

Before taxes, the mother earned $30,000 per year.

“As a child, that was barely 10Gs,” Ramos recounted.

In terms of romance, Ramos’ most recent known public relationship was with Jasmine Cephas Jones, which ended in 2023.

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