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To his father and mother, Patrick Brown and Genevieve, Theodore Joseph Gualtieri’s birthdate is in July 2019. In this post, you may learn more about their children.

Patrick Walter Brown is a Canadian politician who has been the 51st and current mayor of Brampton since 2018. Brown was the leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario and the Leader of the Opposition Party in Ontario from 2015 until 2018.

Brown’s political career began when he was elected to the Barrie City Council in the early 2000s. From 2006 to 2015, Brown was a federal Conservative Member of Parliament for the Barrie riding.

Brown was elected to the Ontario PC Party’s ability in May 2015, and then resigned as a federal MP. He was elected to the Legislative Assembly of Ontario on September 3, 2015, after winning a provincial by-election in Simcoe North.

After becoming a pacesetter, Brown described himself as a “pragmatic conservative” who wanted to push the Ontario PC Party in a socially liberal and economically conservative direction.

Patrick Brown Son

Find Out The Age Of Patrick Brown’s Son

Patrick Brown’s kid, Theodore Joseph Gualtieri, is two years old and will turn three in July.

The mayor and his wife announced the birth of their first child, Theodore Joseph Gualtieri Brown, who weighed 7 kilos and 3 ounces on July 19.

They were ecstatic to welcome Theodore into our family this afternoon, and both mother and kid are doing well.

The mayor of Brampton has had a busy year in terms of family, with the couple marrying on Sept. 30 last year and welcoming their first child 10 months later.

Who Are Theodore Joseph Gualtieri’s Parents?

Theodore Joseph Gualtieri’s parents are Patrick Brown and Genevieve. Rudy Cuzzetto, the current Progressive Conservative MPP for Mississauga—Lakeshore, is Genevieve’s niece.

Genevieve works with the SickKids Foundation at the moment. Patrick Walter Brown, on the other hand, is a politician from Canada who is currently the Mayor of Brampton.

Patrick Brown is the son of Edmond Brown, a lawyer, and Judy Brown, a trainer and principal. Patrick Brown, the mayor of Brampton, and his wife Genevieve recently had their first child, a child woman, on April 15.

Savannah Francesca Brown, weighing 7.93 kilogrammes, was born at Brampton Civic Hospital at 6: 08 p.m.

On Instagram, follow Patrick Brown.

Patrick Brown can be found on Instagram under the handle @patrickbrown. He is also well-known on the platform and has a verified Instagram account.

He has over 56k followers and over 2000 people he has adopted. He’s quite active on social media, especially Instagram and Twitter. He has more than 935 posts in his ID, indicating that he is a frequent user of social media.

He’s also shared a lot of photos of his children and his wife.

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