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It was on October 14, 1987, when the body of young mother Vanessa Rucker was discovered in her house near Nashville, Tennessee. It was a harrowing turn of events. Her body had been brutalised with numerous stab and blunt force trauma wounds, and the authorities assumed that she had been the victim of a vengeful crime committed with rage. The Investigation Discovery series ‘Deadly Recall: Ring’ examines the murder and the subsequent investigation’s search for the perpetrator of the crime. If this case has piqued your interest and you’d like to know where the offender is currently hiding, we’ve got you covered.

Vanessa Rucker Murder

What Caused Vanessa Rucker’s Death?

Vanessa Rucker was a caring mother who lived in Nashville, Tennessee, with her 14-month-old newborn and her 4-year-old daughter. Vanessa Rucker was the mother of two children. As well as having a lovely heart and being rather vivacious, Vanessa was always ready to put her children first and put their needs ahead of everything else. Despite the fact that her children’s fathers were not always there, she did her best to raise them as a single mother. When Vanessa’s life was ruthlessly cut short by a remorseless act of cruelty, it was a very dark day for her family and friends.

Upon entering Vanessa’s apartment on October 14, 1987, the police were surprised to find Vanessa’s children still present in the flat. The victim had fainted on the bed and was completely covered in blood when the police arrived. She was lying on her back with her head resting on the footboard and her feet resting on the headboard, with a telephone cord wrapped around her throat. Numerous stab wounds were found on Vanessa’s body, and there was additional indications of blunt force trauma to her head and neck.

Furthermore, based on the woman’s state of undress, investigators had reason to believe that she had been the victim of sexual assault as well. After an autopsy was performed, it was discovered that Vanessa died as a consequence of blunt force trauma combined with stab wounds, with strangling also contributing to her death. Medical examiners also discovered that the receiver of a toy telephone had been inserted up the woman’s vagina, confirming that she had been the victim of a sexual assault.

Who was responsible for Vanessa Rucker’s death?

With few to no leads at the outset, officials began questioning Vanessa’s close friends and family members, but to no avail. Those who knew the victim described her as a sweet, young mother who had no idea why somebody would wish to end her life. Although the authorities attempted to cover every possible angle in their investigation, the case remained dormant for more than a year without any significant development.

At long last, in 1988, the police decided to reopen their inquiry and began scouring Vanessa’s area once more. As a result of their investigation, they came across a juvenile named Antonio Smith who, according to the documentary, told police that Vanessa had been seen with a local hustler named Paul Rutland around the time of her murder. Following a thorough investigation, the police were able to track down Paul, whose real name revealed out to be Paul Waters.

As explained on the show, he was a “local hustler” who hung out in the same neighbourhood, peddled trinkets, and even had a criminal record for pawning stolen jewellery and committing other types of robberies in the past. When the police spoke with Antonio, they discovered that Paul had been attempting to sell some jewels at the time of the murder. As a result, with the assistance of Vanessa’s family, the police were able to create an inventory of the jewels that had been stolen from her home. In a surprising turn of events, Antonio was able to identify the exact stolen jewellery from the lineup, so concluding that Paul was involved in the murder.

The police took this as a cue to bring Paul in for questioning, and he was subjected to a gruelling interrogation before being released. Although Paul first denied any involvement in the crime, after being confronted with evidence, he broke down and confessed to his involvement. He stated that he became enraged when Vanessa attempted to thwart his approaches and that he killed her in a fit of rage. The authorities were finally able to prosecute Paul Waters with premeditated first-degree murder and aggravated rape after obtaining a comprehensive confession from him.

What Happened to Paul Waters?

Paul Waters entered a guilty plea after being brought before the court and was sentenced to 30 years to life in prison without the chance of release in 1989. Despite the fact that he has now become eligible for parole, he has been unsuccessful in his efforts to obtain his freedom. The Trousdale Turner Correctional Facility in Trousdale County, Tennessee, is where Paul is currently jailed as a result of this decision.

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