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WATCH: 13-Year-Old Tiktok Girl Video Goes Viral On Social Media:

A horrifying live video of a guy sexually assaulting a minor girl has gone viral. The widespread se*ual harassment and assault experiences of women became painfully obvious when the “Me Too” campaign emerged a few years ago. What hasn’t always been evident is the role that less overt, more subtle weirdness plays in helping women feel safe and secure as they travel throughout the world, frequently from a young age. Unfortunately, but thankfully, a viral video from young TikToker shows precisely what that looks like in real time when a man featured in the video came up to her and sat down with her while she was recording a live video.

13-Year-Old Tiktok Girl Video

When he asked if the chair at her table was taken, she replied no, assuming he meant to move it to another table. Instead, he sat down and began conversing with her. Onlookers can tell she’s weirded out by her expressions and reactions, but she’s trying not to come across as nasty or paranoid. In a different TikTok video, the adolescent indicated that the man appeared to be in his 30s.

Surely she was too old to be pulling up a chair with someone so young who was sitting alone, and surely she was old enough to realise she wasn’t at ease in the position. The 18-year-old, who goes by the TikTok handle @maasassinon, split the video into two parts. Though she has comments turned off on her TikTok channel, the initial video clip has over 11 million views, and the discussion on Twitter explains why it connected with so many women.

The “creepy guy” issue happens to several of us starting in childhood, and we have to learn how to negotiate such situations from a terribly young age, the ladies explained. “I do not know a single woman who did not witness herself in this film, and it is heartbreaking,” one lady wrote. For several of us, the reaction to the video was visceral. We’ve all been in that scenario where we’re not sure if we’re overreacting, when we sense something is odd or strange but don’t know how to respond on the spot, when we have to weigh our personal safety with our desire to give people the benefit of the doubt, and so on.

Some internet users claim that the man was simply being pleasant and making small talk, and that everyone is overreacting, however this is not the case. A 30-year-old male approaching a girl in her teens and following her around when she is visibly uncomfortable is not being pleasant. He’s creepy, plain and simple.

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