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A video has been used as evidence in the arrest of several young people, and social media has been flooded with countless tweets and postings about the incident that occurred in Madhya Pradesh, in which some young people were seen abusing a female. Since the footage of the event went viral on every major social media platform, people have been outraged, and they are denouncing the act of the youngsters who assaulted the girl. Find out everything about this occurrence on this page. You won’t have to scour the web for information about this incident if you scroll down the page and read all of the sections.

MP Girl Harassed Video

The film that has grabbed the interest of everyone on social media was released a few days ago, and in such a short period of time, it has gathered the attention of a significant number of people and is spreading virally from person to person. According to reports, a gang of boys sexually harassed the girl in broad daylight in a crowded area, but no one intervened to stop them and save the unfortunate girl. Please see the following section to find out where it happened.

According to the source, the video that has gone viral on social media was shot at the legendary Bhagorial celebration in Balpur Village. This was an incident that occurred in Alirajpur district a few days ago. Bhagorial is an annual tribal festival held in different Madhya Pradesh districts. We conducted a thorough investigation into this occurrence, but the police officers withheld the victim’s name due to concerns about the victim’s image.

MP Girl Harassed Video and Photos

According to the video, the victim attempted to escape from the gaze of the males who were following her around the fair, but a group of passing boys dragged her and sexually harassed her. The youngsters who were involved in the crime and the victim are both from the same village in the Dhar district, according to the inquiry. Police have filed a case against the molesters, according to Manoj Singh, the District Superintendent of Police. “We have also identified some of them, and the culprits will be apprehended shortly,” he said.

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