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What dinosaur has 500 teeth is being referred as Don’t Google joke. But lets dive into the fact if Dinosaur with 500 Teeth really do exist. The Google search for “which dinosaur had 500 teeth” will lead people to search results for “Nigersaurus.” This joke spread primarily on Reddit. The post warning people against Googling the 500 tooth dinosaur was posted September 6th, 2019 in /r/teenagers by a user who is now deleted.

Dinosaurs have been among the more amazing species that have ever roamed the earth’s surface. We are aware that the biggest fossil dinosaur is the Patagotitan mayorum, the fastest the Compsognathus which was one of the species with highest number of teeth?

The sharp teeth of Velociraptor and the Tyrannosaur two terrifying predators have been the subject of many fantasies from our youth! However, there is one dinosaur with jaws far more impressive. It is that from the Nigersaurus Taqueti .

The sauropod dinosaur (herbivorous and quadripodal) was a member of the Lower Cretaceous, the oldest period of the Cretaceous between -145 million years up to 100.5 million years ago, in the present-day Niger . This remarkable dinosaur was unique and quite awe-inspiring to at least one degree: it contained 500 teeth!

What is a dinosaur with 500 teeth called?

Nigersaurus had a delicate skull and an extremely wide mouth lined with teeth especially adapted for browsing plants close to the ground.

The peculiar dental structure and dentition found in Nigersaurus is only one of the many interesting things about it. The Nigersaurus was approximately 15 meters in length and weighed around 4 tons. In contrast to other herbivore dinosaurs that were able to grab leaves from the tops of trees The Nigersaurus was destined to graze on grass that was on the ground.

In fact, according to the examination of his spine, he was in no position to elevate his head above his back! The vertebrae were also very thin, with many hollow spaces, similar to the ones found in birds. A fineness is discovered in his bones skull, which had extremely low density. A light beam could easily traverse through. A very fragile material that explains why it was so difficult to find fosseakhabaar in good condition.

Size of Dinosaur with 500 Teeth:

Similar in size to an Modern African elephant Nigersaurus was an average-sized herbivorous quadrupedal dinosaur. The body of Nigersaurus was nine meters in length while his femur measured 1 meters. Paleontologists believe it weighed about 4 tons when it was an adult. It was distinguished by a small head, a small neck, broad hind legs, and a long tail. The skull was designed to allow for easy feeding, and its bones were slim.

Nigersaurus had a broad , “suction slit” shaped mouth. It had over 500 teeth which were replaced about once every fourteen days. The skin of the dinosaur was brown while the belly of it was lighter shade.

The form of the inside ear of Nigersaurus shows that the head was kept near to ground. This may be a result of adaption to soft plants that flourished in the Cretaceous period, as continents continued to fragment and the climate became more humid as opposed to the dry conditions that prevailed during earlier in the Late Jurassic. Its diet was primarily composed of horsetaeakhabaar and ferns. In the past, these teeth batteries were found only in ceratopsians and hadrosaurs. Discoveries of Nigersaurus proved that at least one sauropod lineage including the rebbachisaurids also had these teeth.

Where did Dinosaur which Had 500 Teeth Live?

Nigersaurus means ” Niger lizard “. It was a resident of the middle of the Cretaceous in the plateaus and plains of Niger along with the ornithopod Ouranosaurus as well as the spinosaurid Suchomimus and the massive Crocodile Sarcosuchus. Bones have also been discovered in Algeria as well as Tunisia.

The first dinosaur to be discovered was in Niger in the year 1976 in the Elrhaz formation, however it was not yet described. It was only in 1999, and the discovery of new remains that information on Nigersaurus became available. Initial remains were found in the work of famed French paleontologist Philippe Taquet. Nigersaurus Taqueti is the sole species in the genus named in honor of the scientist. This palaeontology enthusiast was later director of the national museum of natural history.

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Dinosaur with 500 Teeth Classification:

Nigersaurus is part of the Rebbachisauridae family , which is an evolutionary branch of Diplodocimorpha.

The knowledge of this dinosaur was not established following the discovery of this dinosaur in 1976 however, it is the most common genus. The species’ progress was significantly enhanced after the discovery of new fosseakhabaar during 1997 as well as 2000 from Paul Sereno. Paul Sereno, an American paleontologist is well-known due to his discoveries of “SuperCroc”, an almost completely preserved fossil of Sarcosuchus.

The reason we are unable to speed up in knowing the Genus Nigersaurus originates from the condition the remains. The dinosaur’s body is composed of a lot of voids, and is very fragile . By using a powerful illumination beam it’s even possible to see light through the fossil skull. This vulnerability has impeded research by paleontologists who have been unable to locate intact, articulated skulls, nor articulated skeletons. Within the rebbachisaurid family this is the most complete specimens known.

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First duck-billed dinosaur in Africa discovered by Paleontologists:

In 2020 for the first time ever in Africa the world’s largest research team has discovered the existence of a newly discovered species of the duck-billed dinosaur within the phosphate deposits in Morocco which date back to the close of the Cretaceous era, which was approximately 66 million years ago.On the move: scientists of their Paleontology Research Center – Paris (MNHN – CNRS and Sorbonne University) of the University of Bath, the University of the Basque Country and G. Washington University. They detail their findings in a study published in early November in the journal Cretaceous Research.

A dinosaur that is as tall like a court for basketball, and the same height as the top of a London bus. It’s a true giant that scientists have uncovered in Australia. In a research study published in the journal PeerJ the team has just announced that they have discovered the first sauropod species. And which species.

Based on the analysis the fosseakhabaar of this animal, the creature could grow to an elevation between 5 and 6.5 meters and an overall length of between 25 and 30 meters. Its massive measurements place it as one of the largest dinosaurs ever discovered and permit it to be regarded as the best of the most massive dinosaur ever discovered in Australia.

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